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The minds of Virgo will remain disturbed, know what effect will it have on all the 12 zodiac signs

As Saturn sets on changes in the position of the planets , know what changes and effects will bring to your life, according to your zodiac sign.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: February 17, 2024 19:07 IST
Horoscope, February 18
Image Source : FREEPIK Horoscope, February 18

In astrology, the changes in the position of the planets are closely observed. Some planets change their zodiac sign and some planets set or rise. Which affects all the 12 zodiac signs differently. According to the Vedic calendar, Lord Shanidev of Justice is going to be set in Aquarius on 11 February 2024 and will remain in this state till 18 March 2024. Its effect will be different on all zodiac signs. Some zodiac signs will get full support of luck during this period, while some zodiac signs need to be careful during this period. Let us know from Astrologer Chirag Daruwalla which zodiac signs will benefit from the Saturn setting and which zodiac signs will suffer loss.


People of the Aries zodiac will get special benefits from the setting of Saturn. During this period, you will be successful in your work field. The pending work will start getting completed. Along with this, Saturn's setting will also have a positive impact on the business sector and there are possibilities of profit. People who are looking for a job may also get good offers during this period, due to which financial problems are also likely to be resolved. There are chances of success due to the hard work done during this period.


People of the Taurus zodiac will get auspicious results. There will be full confidence. There will also be mental peace. Avoid unnecessary anger and disputes. The person of the Taurus zodiac will get the company of his mother. Due to Saturn's setting in Aquarius, you may get help from a friend in business.


People of the Gemini zodiac sign can get special benefits from the Saturn setting. During this time, the problems in marital life will be resolved and the relationship with the spouse will become stronger. You will also get a chance to spend quality time with your family. Those who are looking for a suitable partner for marriage, their search will also be fulfilled. Work that has been pending for a long time can also be completed and people looking for jobs in the government sector can also get benefits. There are possibilities of profit in the business sector also.


When Saturn sets, it may hurt the people of the Cancer zodiac sign. People of the Cancer zodiac sign are troubled by the influence of Saturn. Saturn's combust state is going to cause you more trouble. Due to the setting of Saturn, Saturn is going to cause a lot of trouble in all three ways, mentally, physically, and financially. Due to the effect of Saturn's setting, all your work may get hampered. You may suffer loss in business also.


Saturn's setting in Aquarius will prove to be very good for Leo's people. You will get satisfaction in work-related matters. You may also get full support from your friends. Talking about career, you can get satisfaction in work-related matters. You may go on a long-distance trip for work. On the other hand, you may have to face some problems from your colleagues. Businessmen are also going to get favorable results in their work. Also, your relationship with your spouse will be very good.


The minds of Virgo zodiac people will remain disturbed. Be self-controlled. Avoid the excessive anger and passion of Virgo people. Family problems may bother you. A friend of Virgo's zodiac sign may arrive. You will be more busy.


People of the Libra zodiac will get special benefits during the Saturn set. You can also purchase a vehicle or land, which will increase material comfort. Along with this, there are chances of promotion in the work field, due to which financial problems are also likely to be resolved. You can also get benefits from ancestral property. Respect will increase in the social and work sphere and you will get encouragement for good work from senior officers. It is advised to worship Shani Dev during this period and keep doing charity from time to time.


Scorpio people will get very positive results due to Saturn's setting in Aquarius. Also, Saturn's tenth aspect is going to be on Scorpio. In such a situation, the influence of Saturn will be reduced for people of the Scorpio zodiac. This period will be very good for you in terms of health also. Employed people are going to get many good opportunities during this period. You will get all the success in your career for which you have been waiting for a long time.


Sagittarius people will have mental peace. You will also have a lot of confidence. Take care of your spouse's health. You will get support from your parents as Saturn sets in Aquarius. Your expenses will be excessive. Paths for progress in your job will be paved.


Difficulties may increase for people of Capricorn sign. People of these zodiac signs may face a lot of problems in the field of career. There is a possibility of promotion only if you work hard. People of the Capricorn zodiac sign also need to be careful about their health.


People of the Aquarius zodiac are also going through Sade Sati of Saturn. The difficulties of the people of Aquarius zodiac sign are going to increase during Saturn setting. You may suffer financial loss. Arguments with a spouse may increase so much that it may even lead to separation. You may have to face many challenges in your job and business. There may be many obstacles at work, be careful.


People of Pisces will have full confidence. Your mind may also become disturbed due to Saturn's setting in Aquarius. Your marital happiness will increase. Focus on your academic work. Take care of your child's health. You may recover your pending money


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