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February 13, 2016
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Justice Verma committee submits report on rape law

PTI/IANS [ Updated 23 Jan 2013, 22:37:39 ]
Justice Verma committee submits report on rape law

New Delhi, Jan 23: Justice J S Verma Committee has given a series of recommendations in its report on crimes against women submitted to the Home Ministry today.
Some of the major recommendations and observations are:

Imminent need to review Armed Forces Special Powers Act in conflict areas ;

Sexual offences by armed forces and uniformed men in conflict areas should be brought under ordinary criminal law ;

Recommends appointment of Special Commissioners with adequate powers to redress complaints of sexual violence against women in conflict areas ;

Ambiguity over the control of Delhi Police should be cleared ;

Delhi gang rape case shows the failures of traffic regulations, maintenance of law and order and dealing of sexual assault cases ;

Every district magistrate should prepare census of missing children ;

Police action on peaceful Delhi protesters scarred Indian democracy .

The committee  set up to recommend measures to improve laws dealing with sexual offences, has received around 80,000 suggestions and wrapped up its work within a record 29 days.

India’s former Chief Justice J. S. Verma  said the failure of governance was the root cause of crimes against women.

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