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February 12, 2016
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Top 15 smartphones under Rs 35,000 in India

India TV Tech [ Updated 09 Apr 2014, 08:27:21 ]
Top 15 smartphones under Rs 35,000 in India

New Delhi: Smartphones have become so much popular in India that they are now called India’s new preferred computing device. In an instant, you can capture big moments in your life wherever you are, access the collective knowledge of the entire planet, talk and send text and images to loved ones whenever you like, have video conversations throughout India, play highly immersive and really interesting games right at your palm, listen and watch thousands of songs and music videos, and perform all imaginable functions that few years ago you used to go with a specialized gadget.  

If you are amongst the ones who want to enjoy the best in the smartphone business then there's a wealth of options to choose from. Remember, most of the high-end devices falling under this category, will offer plenty of software features, high-end camera, amazing processing speed, along with a solid build quality. Here are our best options if you have a budget of around Rs 35,000.

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