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Family's reunion turns sour: Monk imposter scams Delhi residents

A heartwarming reunion between a mother and her long-lost son quickly turned into a tale of deception for a Delhi family. Bhanumati Singh was thrilled to reunite with Pinku, who had left home as a child. However, their joy turned to suspicion when Pinku, now a monk, requested a large sum of money.

Edited By: Nitin Kumar @Niitz1 Amethi (UP) Published on: February 11, 2024 12:42 IST
Uttar Pradesh
Image Source : X/@JPSIN1 Pinku, who claimed to have disappeared 22 years ago, sings, showcasing his musical talents by singing a soulful song.

What began as a heartwarming tale of a mother reuniting with her long-lost son after 22 years swiftly turned into a distressing saga of deceit and betrayal for a family in Delhi. Bhanumati Singh was overjoyed to be reunited with her son, Pinku, who had left home at a young age following a disagreement. A video capturing the emotional reunion between Bhanumati and the ascetic, believed to be Pinku, went viral, stirring widespread sympathy and support from netizens. Tears of joy flowed as Bhanumati embraced the monk, believing him to be her son.

Monk's mission  

Pinku, now a monk, explained to his parents that he had renounced worldly pleasures and needed to complete his spiritual journey by visiting Ayodhya and receiving alms from his family. Despite initial reluctance, Pinku's parents eventually relented, supporting his chosen path.

Twisted deception

However, Pinku's requests for monetary contributions to his monastery raised suspicions. When he demanded a hefty sum of Rs. 10 lakh for his return, his father, Ratipal Singh, grew wary and initiated inquiries.

Revelation and complaint

A police investigation revealed that the man posing as Pinku was Nafees from Gonda village, perpetrating a scam on the unsuspecting family. Ratipal filed a police complaint, exposing the imposter's fraudulent scheme.

Pattern of deceit

Further investigation uncovered a pattern of similar scams orchestrated by Nafees's brother, Rashid, and others, preying on families' emotions and vulnerabilities to swindle them out of large sums of money.

Ongoing investigation

Authorities are diligently pursuing the case, unravelling the intricate web of deception and seeking justice for the aggrieved families who fell victim to the monk imposter's elaborate ruse.

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