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  4. World’s most expensive pillow costs THIS whopping amount. Prepare yourself to be stunned!

World’s most expensive pillow costs THIS whopping amount. Prepare yourself to be stunned!

What is the maximum cost you have paid for a pillow? We believe that it wouldn't be in lakhs! Well, this pillow consisting of diamonds is the world's most expensive thing you will keep under your head. Read to know its price.

Charu Jain Edited by: Charu Jain New Delhi Published on: June 24, 2022 15:20 IST
World's most expensive pillow

World's most expensive pillow

The cost of living a comfortable life is increasing with each passing day. Every day there is a new invention of electronic gadgets which are designed to provide unmatchable comfort. From smartwatches to robots cleaning the house, life has become much easier. Now, a pillow is grabbing many eyeballs for its whopping price and qualities.

Have you ever thought that the thing on which you put your head to have a sound sleep can become the world’s costliest thing? This pillow, created by a physiotherapist who hails from the Netherlands, costs 57,000 dollars. It is roughly Rs 45 lakh for a single pillow. It took almost fifteen years of hard work to design this expensive pillow. 

Why is it cost this high?

This pillow is made of Mulberry silk, Egyptian cotton, and non-toxic Dutch memory foam. It is studded with 24-carat gold, 22.5-carat sapphire and diamond. The cotton which is used to fit inside it is from a robotic milling machine and the zip of this pillow has four diamonds and a sapphire attached to it.

Also, this pillow will not come with any random packaging. It will be packed inside a branded box. The person who made this pillow claims that this will help people who are suffering from insomnia and they will be able to sleep in peace.

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But, after hearing its price, it is hardly that a person will be able to sleep properly.

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