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Hindware Smart Appliances Fascino 100L air cooler: 10 Pointer Review

We reviewed Hindware Smart Appliances Fascino 100L air cooler for a couple of months and h10-pointer quick 10 pointer rdecideu take a decision if you should buy this cooler or not.

Saumya Nigam Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Updated on: October 05, 2022 12:31 IST
Hindware Smart Appliances Fascino 100L air cooler
Image Source : HINDWARE Hindware Smart Appliances Fascino 100L air cooler

Coolers have been a part of our lives for decades, even before the culture of ACs came into the picture. Still, there are some traditionally inclined people who believe that coolers are much better than air conditioners in many ways. Also, when we speak of the long-gone times, a cooler with an iron body used to be in many households, which use to hold the capability to cool the house very affectionately and we all use to enjoy the cool breezy ambience at home. 

If we speak of the present times, everything has grown with time- and so are the coolers. Today we have a number of brands which are working towards comfort and quality both at the same time. Recently we got our hands on the Hindware Fascino 100L Desert Air Cooler which is priced at Rs 22,990. 

Let us understand the basic highlights of the new cooler from the company and our understanding of the same as per our personal experience.

  1. The new cooler comes with 4-way turning capability with speedy air delivery twitch 3800 m³/hr. When used overnight during the peak summer days, this cooler is indeed a lifesaver. No matter if it is a sunny day or a warm night, this cooler will be a saver- and could help you beat the heat and could be perfect for any room of your house or a hall. 
  2. On the cooler walls, we have woodwool pads which are better than the wooden cooler grass which tends to turn green or black because of algae or some bacterial reaction on the grass. Thankfully, these woodwool pads are safe from that, as I used this cooler for atleast 16 hours from 24 hours and it worked perfectly well, and the woodwool is clean. 
  3. The cooler use the Motorised Vertical Louvers Movement for even air distribution, which enables the machine to cool the area well
  4. Power consumption: This cooler takes around 200W of power and with the kind of power consumed by the machine, I am glad to inform you that it does not take up so much of your electricity units. So you do not have to worry much about your electricity bill. You can certainly enjoy the cooler.
  5. Warranty: The cooler comes with 1 year of warranty where if in case of any trouble the bearer faces, the company will cure the concern. Although the time we used the cooler, we faced no trouble- the air was cool, water was flowing well on the woodwool and was enough to cool the room up 
  6. Inverter Compatibility: The company has addressed the acute need for a cooling facility during tedious power cuts, Hindware Snowcrest coolers are equipped with the inverter compatibility feature. This means, you can use the cooler on the inverter, and it will not give too much load to your home inverters and you can use the cooler even during the power cut. 
  7. Mobility: Indeed the coolers from the past had a lot of tedious jobs like assembling them, putting them on the stand, and whatnot. But this cooler is targeting future-oriented technology, which will enable the machine to be portable- which means it is easy to carry anywhere. All thanks to the ‘Castor Wheels’ which the cooler has and let a smooth movement across your rooms and hall, even when the water is loaded well in the cooler. These wheels certainly make life easier and workes profoundly well.
  8. Looks: I wanted to talk about this last time, but it has a decent look. The cooler is certainly big enough to fit in any 2BHK house where the bedroom needs good cooling or for the drawing room requirement. I will give it 8/10 for the looks and portability.
  9. Pricing: The Hindware Fascino 100L Desert Air Cooler is priced at Rs 22,990 for the 100L variant and it is available to purchase from the selected Hindware Kitchen Galleries, Amazon, Flipkart, and the official website of Hindware Smart Appliances.  
  10. Cooling: Cooling is really good in summer at a peak time of April to July, it will work fabulously well for your bedroom or hall of your house. But when we speak of monsoon, then comes the basic problem which is there with every cooler humidity. The cooler is great but when it's humid outside, no matter how much you use it, you will anyways feel sticky and it could be a little annoying- as this is certainly the experience with almost every cooler. But there is a hack- you may stop using water at the time of monsoon so that your room may not get moister and you may use just the fan to make you feel comfortable. In this way, you will feel a little less humid and could sleep at peace. 
  11. Verdict: Overall the cooler looks nice to me under the 25K budget, but the company could have added further features like ice cube cooling, and pre-installed inverter for backup and more so that it could stand tall and out of the crowd. Also, it is certainly going to face some strict competition from the brands like Symphony, Bajaj, Usha and more- who are already in the business of cooler for a very long time.  




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