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Xsolla Pay Station enables the mobile game developers to make cross-platform payments easily: Know how?

Xsolla's new updates are now available for the web shop for mobile games, multi-platform publishing, and payouts solutions and add a new funding platform Accelerator.

Edited By: Saumya Nigam Noida Updated on: August 24, 2022 20:40 IST
Xsolla Pay Station
Image Source : XSOLLA Xsolla Pay Station

Xsolla, a global video game commerce company has announced new solutions and feature releases during their quarterly release week. Launching this week is their flagship commerce offering named Xsolla Pay Station, which focuses on providing a simple and customizable checkout experience for mobile developers. There are two additional solutions to help developers begin their development journey and successfully manage the growth of their games post-launch.

Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla said, "Xsolla is committed to providing best-in-class services and support for mobile game developers worldwide to help them reach more players in more geographies. As the mobile gaming industry evolves, we are staying ahead of the curve by offering unique features to our mobile solution that help our partners connect with consumers and market to them directly at a lower cost per transaction.”

How does Xsolla Pay Station work?

Xsolla Pay Station introduces significant updates to core functionality and is the only cross-platform branded payment experience for the video game industry. Features include an optimized user flow for an improved purchasing experience, a customizable user interface, streamlined mobile payments, and full support of mobile wallets worldwide.

Xsolla Pay Station delivers the only genuinely adaptive checkout experience for the video game industry and is specially tailored for mobile games. Purchasing and payment habits have significantly evolved. Customers are used to making purchases with their mobile devices and expect every aspect of their buying experience to be intuitive and straightforward. Payment solutions should meet customers' needs, adapt to multiple platforms and devices, and match customers' payment and branded expertise. Pay Station lets developers extend their branded checkout experience across platforms for their users, no matter their preferred payment device or method.

In addition to it, Xsolla’s mobile solution claims to provide more opportunities for mobile game developers to power up their marketing efforts and engage users directly by offering expanded bundles, personalized online store experiences, and unique promotions personalized to players worldwide. As the mobile landscape continues to lead global gaming revenue, Xsolla Web Shop for Mobile Games has added new mechanics, such as expanded bundles of game keys and in-game items including virtual currency, and personalized storefront and promotions,  to help mobile developers effectively drive users to their branded pages.


If that isn’t all, Xsolla is offering Multi-Platform Publishing, which is an advanced set of features for mobile game developers to support mobile game delivery to PC and the web. With a custom, branded client app and a seamless one-click authentication tool, mobile game developers can reach new gamers at a lower acquisition cost while increasing player loyalty and LTV. By bringing their game to new platforms, developers can grow their revenue potential by monetizing their games in new geographies. With a larger set of payment options, developers are more likely to convert non-paying players into paying players in underserved markets. The company has further kickstarted a new funding program called Xsolla Accelerator for independent studios that seek games industry guidance and investment support early in their development cycle. Game developers can apply to educational programs led by industry mentors to help shape their game and content production and get the opportunity to receive a bridge fund of up to USD 100,000.00 to prepare them for the next stage of business valuations and investments.

Whether you are a game developer willing to process payouts to user-generated content creators, an esports platform rewarding its players, or a marketplace, Xsolla Payout is another solution by Xsolla to streamline mass payouts to hundreds or thousands of individuals. Xsolla Payouts optimizes operating efficiency by managing multiple contracts with users and content creators, holding tax interviews, facilitating tax reporting, and providing the most accurate account balance calculations.



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