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Is Twitter (now X) down for THESE users in India? Know everything here

Twitter, now known as X started working in India, after a short outrage. The desktop version of X was not accessible for many users.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: October 19, 2023 14:45 IST
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Image Source : FILE X (Twitter) down for THESE users in India: Know the reason

X, formerly known as Twitter was unresponsive for a couple of minutes. We noticed the concerning issue when we tried accessing India TV's Twitter account, and the desktop version did not respond. However, after a short while, the platform started working again. Although many reported that the platform started working then, a few still are unable to access their accounts on the platform. The issue was confirmed when Downdetector also showed the report. 

India Tv - Downdetector

Image Source : DOWNDETECTORDowndetector

Elon Musk also announced a new feature for the platfrom which will enable the users to prevent unverified accounts from replying to their posts. This means that the users now have the option to limit responses exclusively to verified individuals.

Also, it was recently reported that the platfrom will soon be an all-paid platform for users. In a bid to boost revenue and achieve profitability by 2024, X, formerly known as Twitter, is planning to introduce a three-tiered membership system for its premium paid subscription service. This new approach would replace the current $8 Premium subscription with three different plans: Basic, Standard, and Plus, each offered at varying price points.

India Tv - X down

Image Source : XX down

Twitter down in August- Similar issues reoccurring  

A month back (in August 2023), X faced a similar issue where the social media platform stopped working for a lot of users across India. Many users, being confused asked if there was some rate limits or access limit for the platfrom. Downdetector was cited as getting a number of reports for the platform being unresponsive.

What could be the reason for X down?

There are a number of speculations being made for X not working for many users. The biggest one could be the recent updates on the platfrom, which are on the trial run by the engineers of the platfrom. The platfrom has been adding multiple ways to make it an ideal platfrom. However the company has not stated anything regarding the issue faced by users across the country. 


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