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Online Ad Scam - Explained | Tips to keep you safe while surfing

Online ad scams are tricks used by scammers to take advantage of people shopping online. They create fake ads with too-good-to-be-true deals, often pretending it's a limited-time offer.

Written By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Updated on: December 27, 2023 7:43 IST
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As we head into the holidays, be careful with online shopping. Cybercriminals are exploiting the weak security systems of IoT (Internet of Things) devices during the festive shopping season. There are scammers out there, and the cybersecurity experts at CERT-In want to make sure you know how to stay safe.

What You Need to Know about Tricky Ads

Why It Matters? 

Some people on the internet are trying to trick you. They put up fake ads with crazy deals, saying you need to act fast. They might even make fake videos talking about stuff that isn't real. They want you to pay for things upfront, promising delivery. But once you pay, they vanish, and you're left with nothing.

Practical Tips for Safe Shopping

  1. Be Careful with Links: CERT-In says don't click on links unless you're sure it's safe. Check the website first.
  2. Check the Website Name: Make sure the website's name is real. Scammers like to make fake sites to fool you.
  3. Check Reviews: If a deal seems too good, it's probably a trick. Look at what other people say about it.
  4. Be Wary on Social Media: Don't talk to strangers online, especially if they're offering crazy deals. Don't open things from people you don't know.
  5. Keep Your Money Safe: Never tell strangers your money details, whether on the phone or online.
  6. Stick to Known Websites: For shopping, use websites you know. They're safer.
  7. Report Anything Fishy: If something doesn't seem right, tell someone. Call 1930 or report it here at (

Stay alert while shopping online this holiday season!

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