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What is iPhone Finger? How can it be fixed?

iPhone Finger has been attracting a lot of attention lately. Searches regarding this have continued to increase on Google where people have been trying to know if it will be causing trouble in the future. If you also have an iPhone, then you must know about its terms and how it affects you.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: May 20, 2024 16:53 IST
Image Source : PIXABAY iPhone

Apple iPhone is a popular premium handset which is known for its secure ecosystem and singular taste when it comes to security and operating system. Although the handsets are under the premium label and are on the higher side, there are users, who have a specific habit which makes them look different. Although the iPhones are considered very secure and safe, the devices related to iPhones have been worrying users with a new condition - 'iPhone Finger' which has caught the attention of iOS users across the world.

Apple users have been noticing the ‘iPhone Finger’ which has been in talks, and here we are trying to give you some awareness about what it is and how it harms the user. 

Is iPhone Finger a Serious Condition? Let us understand the issue

What is an iPhone finger?

An iPhone Finger is directly related to the little fingers of your hand. The mark on the little fingers has been called the iPhone finger. These marks usually occur due to continuous use of smartphones for a long time.

While using an iPhone device, most of the users place a small (pinky) finger on the lower part of the phone. By doing this, if someone holds the iPhone like this, due to the finger which was differently positioned continuously, some marks start appearing on it. 

By keeping the finger in the same position on the device (every day), a permanent mark will be made on the device. This spot or mark has been named as ‘iPhone Finger’.

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Image Source : FILEiPhone Finger

iPhone Finger- Is it a serious condition?

Though the iPhone finger has been noticed recently, the handset users are rather in fix to know if this is a disease or if in case it could cause any medical problems.

iPhone users have been constantly searching for the answers to this concerning issue on Google. 

And let us tell you that it is not a medical condition. After checking with the doctor, it was further mentioned that people who think that they have got an iPhone Finger (as a disease), are fine.

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Image Source : PIXABAYiPhone

iPhone Fingers: How to protect the device from the mark?

  • The easiest way to avoid iPhone fingers is to change the way you hold your phone. 
  • Avoid placing the pinky finger on the lowest part of your iPhone. 
  • If you have a habit of holding your iPhone like this, then you must change it. 

India Tv - iPhone finger

Image Source : PIXABAYiPhone finger

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