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Smartphone overheating? Tips to help you save your device

Smartphone overheating is a common concern and has to be checked now and then to keep the device working properly. here are some of the reasons why a smartphone overheats and how can we save it from any internal damage.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: April 18, 2024 18:46 IST
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Image Source : PIXABAY Smartphone heating issue

Smartphones have become an inseparable tool for many tasks. However, as smartphones age and may encounter various issues - the most common one is being overheated. Understanding the root causes might be a problem in many cases and this article we will be addressing the trouble.

Impact of the weather conditions

The environmental condition in which you are using the smartphone could significantly contribute to its overheating issues. Hot climates can be the primary reason, for causing overheating of your device.

Usage during charging

One of the common reasons for the device heating up is the continuous usage of the handset while it is undercharging. This could excessively strain the battery, leading to rapid heating. It is advised to avoid using the handset extensively while charging to prevent overheating.

Battery health check

A damaged battery could be another valid reason for smartphone overheating. If your handset consistently experiences overheating, it is recommended to have the battery checked immediately, to save your device from any major damage.

Intensive tasks and low-end processors

Performing resource-intensive tasks like heavy gaming, long binge-watching, and exploring social media continuously on your smartphones, specifically the ones with low-end processors could be a reason for overheating. 

These tasks could strain the hardware of the device, causing overheating.

Background apps and multitasking 

We have a habit of running multiple applications simultaneously and we seldom keep numerous apps open in the background which could easily drain the battery of your handset. 

In situations like these, the smartphone might struggle to manage the workload, which will result in increased heat generation.

Outdated software and lack of updates

Another major reason for smartphone overheating might be the obsolete software and the absence of regular updates which could impact the performance of the smartphone. It is suggested to ensure that the handset’s software is up to date to save your smartphone’s life.

Tips to save your smartphone from overheating

Lastly, one has to make a practice of using a smartphone smartly- by following habits like:

  1. Keeping software updates checked
  2. Charging the device and not using it when it is plugged in
  3. regularly restarting your device
  4. Removing games, and apps which are of no use anymore
  5. Keeping a check on the background running applications and features of the smartphone, like- location, Bluetooth, wifi, Hotspot and more such features.

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