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Redmi to launch new Turbo Series under midrange category: All you need to know

Redmi is working on launching a new Turbo series in the global market which will be designated as the third addition to the Redmi portfolio. Although the details regarding its specifications remain undisclosed, the new Turbo 3 is expected to prioritize raw performance with good camera muscles.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: April 02, 2024 18:01 IST
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Image Source : FILE Redmi Turbo 3 to launch soon under midrange category

Redmi, Xiaomi’s sub-brand is set to launch a new series by the name of Turbo. The device is said to be aiming at bridging the gap between its K and Note series which are already available in the market. As per the reports, the first lineup device will be named Redmi Turbo 3, which claims to prioritize performance without compromising affordability.

Turbo Series: Performance-focused handset

Thomas Wang, the president of Redmi has unveiled the brand's plans for the Turbo series, which has been positioned as a dedicated performance-centric lineup. The new series further aims to redefine the midrange market by offering powerful devices at competitive prices.

Turbo 3: Main highlight

The first device in the Turbo series will be called ‘Turbo 3’, which is positioned as the third phone in the Redmi series portfolio. Although the basic specifications are still unclear from the company, it is said to feature raw performance at a more accessible price point when compared to the flagship devices from the company.

How Turbo 3 is different from other Redmi lineups

The introduction of the new Turbo series has raised questions about how it will fit within the existing lineup from Redmi. On the other hand, the K series is said to target the flagship killer segment, and the Turbo series will focus on delivering performance under budget. 

Also, the Note series is said to maintain its main highlight- the camera capabilities and a decent balance between performance and photography.

Product offerings

The launch of the new Turbo series will bring Xiaomi's product portfolio and with the numerous variants across its 11 and 12 series, the company will aim at simplifying its offerings while still catering to diverse consumer preferences. It is worth noting that the absence of a Redmi Note 13 Turbo suggests a strategic shift in the brand's approach to product naming and segmentation.

Global markets

The new Turbo 3 will be one of the significant additions to the Redmi lineup, and the series will remain unclear if the devices will be marketed under the Poco brand which has been regions outside of the Chinese market or will it be under the Redmi lineup. 

Redmi's push for performance

As Redmi has forayed with the Turbo series, the consumer tech company has reaffirmed its commitment to delivering high-performance devices at an accessible value. With the upcoming Turbo 3 which is set to lead the charge, consumers could expect a renewed focus on performance within the midrange segment, which will signal a new era for Redmi's product offerings.

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