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Instagram to introduce 'Early Access' feature: Here’s what to expect

Instagram's upcoming 'early access' feature is an exciting development, promising users an exclusive glimpse into future updates. Also, the introduction of AI-driven chat themes and an AI chatbot highlights Instagram's commitment to leveraging advanced technology to enhance user experience.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: May 29, 2024 19:34 IST
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Image Source : INSTAGRAM Instagram to introduce Early Access feature

Instagram is planning to roll out a new 'early access' feature for the users which will offer the users a new sneak peek into its upcoming updates on the platform. This move looks very similar to WhatsApp’s beta program, which enables the selected users to test the new features (which are not available to the masses) before they start to be released for everyone. 

Here is a detailed look at what to expect from this new update.

What is the ‘Early Access’ feature?

As per the screenshot shared by Alessandro Paluzzi- a mobile developer, the early access feature is said to be available within Instagram’s settings menu. Although there is very little information and details available at the time of writing, it looks like this initiative will operate similarly to WhatsApp’s beta program- meaning, that the selected group of users will have the opportunity to test the upcoming/new features and provide feedback (before rolling out the feature to the masses). By doing this, Instagram will iron out any issues before a wider rollout.

What are the benefits of Early Access?

As mentioned above, those who will test the feature will not only get a first look at upcoming features but will also have a chance to request additional functionalities or remove something which is not relevant (as per the expert side). 

This feedback will be looped in and will be considered crucial for Instagram for a smooth and user-friendly experience for all its users across the world when it is officially rolled out.

How does WhatsApp Beta work?

For years, WhatsApp Beta testers have been enjoying the benefits of early access to the new features- before the official rollout. Meta rolled out the WhatsApp Beta Testers program long back, and participants who sign up to receive the latest updates for testing have the right to give their feedback to the company, to enhance the user experience. This program will further enable WhatsApp to refine its features based on real user feedback ahead of the general release.

WhatsApp Beta Success Story Inspired Instagram

The success of WhatsApp’s beta program has been considered the sole reason for inspiring Instagram to implement a similar model. Beta testers will further play a pivotal role in identifying bugs and suggesting improvements, further ensuring that the final product is well-received by the masses.

Instagram Features: What else is coming onto the platform?

AI-Driven Chat Themes

Instagram is further said to be working on a new feature which will enable users to create chat themes by using artificial intelligence (AI). At present, Instagram offers customizable chat themes with different colour gradients and pre-designed options. 

But as per the leaked screenshot, it is suggested that a new “Create with AI” option will be in the work. This feature will enable AI-driven personalized or generated chat themes, that will offer the users with unique and tailored messaging experience.

AI Chatbot integration 

Meta is said to be working on enhancing its focus on AI, having recently integrated an AI chatbot across its platforms, including Instagram. This AI chatbot can assist users by answering queries on various topics, like planning a trip, recipe recommendations, and makeup and skincare tips. 

Powered by Meta AI and extracting information from Google, the chatbot will provide answers along with links to sources and can be accessed through Instagram DMs.

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