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Instagram brings 'Notes' to users' profiles: Here's what this means for you

Instagram introduced Notes in 2022 to enable users to share brief status updates with their friends. Now, the platform is further improving the visibility of the feature by bringing it to users' profiles.

Written By: Om Gupta New Delhi Published on: April 12, 2024 11:35 IST
Image Source : FILE Instagram

Instagram is further improving its one of the status update features. The new update is rolling out to Notes, which will give it a prominent place in the app. Notes is currently visible from Instagram’s inbox. Soon, the update will bring Notes directly to users’ profiles. 

The change is aimed to increase the visibility of the feature on the platform and also give users a new place to interact with their friends. The platform added a reply feature to Notes in December last and now it is testing ‘prompts’ for Notes. The prompts will enable users to share questions and answer their friends’ updates. 

How Notes are different from Stories 

"Notes" are a new feature that works similarly to "Stories". The updates only last for 24 hours and are visible only to mutual followers. Therefore, they are not meant to be shared as widely as a typical grid or "Stories" post. This feature was introduced in 2022 to encourage users to post more often for smaller, more curated groups of friends.

What else?

Instagram is also introducing a new feature called "cutouts". This feature will enable users to create stickers from objects in their photos, similar to the sticker feature on iOS. These stickers can be shared on Instagram Stories or Reels. 

In addition to this, users can also make cutouts from other public posts, providing them with a new way to remix content from other users. However, Instagram's help page indicates that users can disable this feature if they do not want their content to be reused.

Meanwhile, Instagram is currently developing a new feature for Reels recommendation, which has been named Blend. Alessandra Paluzzi, a Reverse Engineer, discovered this feature. Blend will recommend Reels to a user and their friend based on videos they have shared with each other and their individual interests.

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