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How to make viral Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reel making is not rocket science, and you do not need any special course. All you have to do is to follow the following steps to make your content more attractive, creative and viral.

Saumya Nigam Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Updated on: March 14, 2023 14:26 IST
Image Source : FILE Instagram Desktop

If you are new to Reel making on Instagram then this article is for you. And if you want to make viral reels, then you have to pull out your creative side, which starts with creating bingeworthy content on the photo-sharing platform. Instagram Reels are the most unique way to get your videos and still photos in one video format along with an add-on song, giving it a more cinematic and creative side.  

And the best part is we do not have to hold any degree or special course to be a creative Reel creator on Instagram.  Anybody can easily create them, and here are a few tips to help you ace the game of Reel making.

Remove Watermarks

One has to remove any kind of watermark if you are willing to get the best chances of a good-performing video. You can use several editing apps or other platforms for making videos.

Many users are uploading videos from TikTok with the brand’s watermarks. Instagram's algorithm is capable of detecting the watermark on any video. So, to increase the likes and shares of your videos in Instagram's Explore section, you have to remove any watermark.

Trending Music

This is a necessity to choose the right song for the video, which is certainly trending on Instagram Reel. Choosing a popular and trending song will help your video to gain likes and it could be discoverable. 

So, if you find a song which could fit your video then all you need to do wisely is choose one that fits the theme.

You may also participate in the challenges which are trending on Instagram over time to gain more followers and likes.

High Video Quality

The main mantra to get your content viral is to choose the best quality video. The most successful Instagram Reels are the ones which look professionally edited- even if they are not. 

But this is just not the case always! But quality does play an important role- gathering the attention of the people as they would like to stop and watch the video.

And to make a good-quality video, you need to do two things: 

  • Good lighting 
  • High resolution

Hence, if you are using your smartphone to make reels then you have to make sure that you have good lighting. Meaning- an indoor video needs a ring light or LED light to highlight the object. 

If you are shooting outdoors, then try filming in the daytime when there is less sunlight. You may also avoid filming directly under the sun.

Adhere Community Guidelines

We do not have to state this, but this is like a cardinal rule, to follow the community guidelines through your posts- images, stories and Reels. This will certainly let you a better shot to get your content viral. 

If you violate any guidelines, then Instagram might ban your profile temporarily or permanently ban. 

Closed Captions in the posts

Remember that many Instagram users prefer to watch videos without sound, so providing captions on the video is a good idea to convey what you would like to state.

So, text on the video content could work to make your content viral too. This will enable the people to understand the video, even if they cannot hear the video.

Your video caption will also let the users search for the keywords which could appear in the captions. This will enable the searchability of your videos and you might get traction and get it viral.

On-Screen Text Placement in video

Although the captioning of the content is very important, so is the onscreen content on the videos. If you can add text to your videos, there will be another dimension to make your reel more discoverable, and understandable. 

For instance, if you are sharing any health tip, photography tip or editing tip of any kind, then placing the text on the video could be a good option, as, not everyone listens to the video loudly. To make your video more discoverable from both- then the in-Feed view and the Reels tab play a very important role. So write, and make it more discoverable.

Your Reel cover is important- Choose wisely

Video files could be uploaded either in vertical or in horizontal format, but when we talk about the thumbnail, then it is very important to get a vertical shot which will take up the entire screen of any smartphone.

One must create a custom Reel cover image which is of good quality, and relatable, and it could make the video stand out and pull users too. Do remember to create a cover of your Reel, in the same format as you have shot the video.

Use Instagram Transition filters

To make your Reels look more professional, using transitional filters are important and even Instagram will also appreciate the job and push your content. You could use a variety of transitions in a single video. Select images, adjust timelines for the clips, cut/jump and do everything fun with your reel- with HD quality to master the game with a timer and align tool.

Post your Reels at Peak Viewing Times

This is so important and if you do not want to waste your effort doing everything mentioned above, then the last thing that remains is to post the Instagram video Reels at the best times of day- when the people are most active on the platform.

As per my experience, the Reels which are posted majorly in the evenings get some eye falls, but the timelines keep shuffling so you need to up your game. You can follow any influencer and trace their posts on priority to know what is the best time for them to post, and you may do the same with your Reels too.


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