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How to improve your WiFi Signal: Step-by-step guide

If your router is not giving you enough strength, then you must follow the following step to have flawless internet connectivity at your home as well as at your workplace.

Edited By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Published on: January 24, 2023 15:52 IST
Image Source : PIXABAY WiFi

Today a household without internet is unimaginable, as everyone lives a connected lifestyle. Every user requires access to the internet for various activities- from working from home to taking online classes, the internet plays a vital role. But at times, when you witness a slow down of the internet, then comes the stress. There could be a number of reasons for the internet slowdown, and you can take these steps to boost your wifi signal:

Disconnect Devices

India Tv - Router

Image Source : FREEPIKRouter

Those who use many devices linked to a single router might cause network issues, and users may feel lag at times. You may need to use just one device at a time to speed up your network so that the speed does not drop. Additionally, just as on workdays, you should turn off your secondary gadgets and concentrate solely on your primary device to improve your wifi.

Relocate Router

India Tv - Wifi

Image Source : PIXABAYOne of the best ways to boost your wifi's speed is to move the router.

One of the best ways to boost your wifi's speed is to relocate the router. Placing your device at a central point, where all the rooms of your house or workplace are reachable is said to be the ideal place for your routers. Keeping the router in a public area itself prevents most of the connectivity issues. For instance, you should not keep your router near doors, walls, or even microwaves.

Router Reset

India Tv - Router

Image Source : FREEPIKRouter Reset

The router needs to reset at regular intervals of time. This is a must to perform in order to keep your network strengthened. You could reset your router for improved connectivity if the network occasionally lags and there is a trouble and bandwidth issue at your home or workplace.


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