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Google's Pixel 8 Pro mocks iPhone 15 Pro in playful snowy faceoff | Watch video

Google playfully pokes fun at Apple in a snowy ad, with Pixel 8 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro taking a break. Pixel boasts about its new features, including the Gemini Nano AI model, while the iPhone teases Pixel for working too hard.

Vishal Upadhyay Written By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Updated on: December 09, 2023 13:25 IST
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Image Source : YOUTUBE: MADE BY GOOGLE #BestPhonesForever: Snow Phones (Google Ad)

Google is playfully teasing Apple in its latest ad, showing the Pixel 8 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro taking a break and enjoying snowy fun. The ad highlights the Pixel's recent updates, including the Gemini Nano AI model and a Feature Drop. In a lighthearted exchange, the iPhone comments that the Pixel is always announcing new features, becoming the first to receive Google's Gemini AI model.

Taking a Break in the Snow

Google's Pixel and Apple's iPhone, after a busy fall season of launches, are depicted taking some time off in the snow. The iPhone jokingly suggests that the Pixel is "working too hard" with its frequent feature drops.

Pixel's New Features

The ad emphasises Pixel's over a dozen new features and the introduction of the Gemini Nano AI model for on-device tasks. Pixel invites the iPhone to appreciate its latest capabilities, and the iPhone acknowledges the coolness of being the first to feature Google's new AI model.

Chill Like Buddies

After the intense fall launches, Pixel suggests both phones should chill like their other buddies. The friendly banter continues as they enjoy the snowy setting.

iPhone's Wish List

In a previous video, Pixel showcased its AI-powered features, prompting the iPhone to make a holiday wish list for Santa. 

“You were sooooo so so smart to ask for that stuff last year. But this year, the big man is gonna hook. Me. Up!,” iPhone says.

Pixel corrects the iPhone, stating that Santa didn't provide those features but rather a team of Google engineers.

Playful Jabs at Apple

The advertisements playfully poke fun at Apple's absence of certain AI features. It's a friendly competition between the two tech giants.

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