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BEWARE! These malicious apps on Google Play store may harm your phone- Tips to protect your device

Google Play Store: Here are the apps which might harm your device. And here are the tips which might help you to save your device from any malware.

Edited By: Saumya Nigam Noida Updated on: August 18, 2022 12:55 IST
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Image Source : PIXABAY Malware

Google Play Store has been a growing space for cyber-criminals working on malicious apps. These apps are listed on the Google Play Store and have resulted in malware and banking trojans in some of the widely used smartphone applications in the recent past.

Despite the efforts made by Google to enhance the security of the users, researchers have continued to expose malicious campaigns which are being used with innovative tactics in order to get around corporate safety controls.

Now, the IT security researchers at Bitdefender have noted that there are 35 malicious applications residing in the Play Store with over two million downloads. These malicious applications are designed with the method of action which enables them to look like legitimate apps but it bombards the victim’s devices with advertisements.

Bitdefender has further reported that these malicious apps with ads will help cyber criminals to achieve their monetary goals. Also, the targeted devices are the direct victims of malicious sites or links.

In a blog post of BitDefender’s research team, it was mentioned that the cybercriminals behind the campaign have been using several methods to trick victims by keeping the malicious apps on their devices. For example, some of the apps have been offering version updates which enable cybercriminals to hide and evade detection on the device.

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Image Source : PIXABAYCyber Attack

Here is the list of malicious applications, which users must be aware of and must not download on their smartphones:

  1. gb.tolltwentytwo.ikey
  3. jkdf.gds.gds.g
  5. hj.jk.jikj.jkj
  6. finze.lockgti.dae.cag
  7. kk.f.ea.tew.t
  8. sc.qs.vak
  10. ice.ccylice.volume
  11. ck.lad.secret
  12. smart.ggps.lockakt
  13. am.asm.master
  16. ifa.nod.vys
  17. qu.motor.astrolog
  18. ice.ccylice.colorize
  19. gb.blindthirty.funkeyfour
  20. com.voice.sleep.sounds
  21. com.creator.smartqrcreator
  22. com.xmas.girlsartwallpaper
  23. gb.theme.twentythreetheme
  24. gb.fiftysubstantiated.wallsfour
  25. com.xmas.artgirlswallpaperhd
  26. gb.packlivewalls.fournatewren
  27. gb.labcamerathirty.mathcamera
  28. gb.mega.sixtyeffectcameravideo
  29. gb.actualfifty.sevenelegantvideo
  30. de.eightylamocenko.editioneight
  31. gb.helectronsoftforty.comlivefour
  32. gb.crediblefifty.editconvincingeight
  33. gb.convenientsoftfiftyreal.threeborder
  34. gb.sixtycreativecyber.magiceleganttwo
  35. gb.convincingmomentumeightyverified.realgamequicksix

How to protect from malicious apps?

There are more than 2 billion active Android devices, and it is no wonder that the Play Store is an easy target for malware developers. Also, it is not a secret that the Google Play Store is home to much nasty malware like DawDropper, SharkBot, Joker, Xenomorph, to name a few.

But at the same time, it is considered to be amongst the most secure platforms to download Android applications. 

But it would help if you still had ways to protect your device and we bring to you a number of tips to do the needful:

  • Make sure you are running the latest version of Android as Google keeps improving the security on the platform constantly. The newer Android versions are less vulnerable to cyberattacks.
  • One must take a look at the app permissions before installing. If an app requests the permissions, then it might not be a good option to download.
  • One must download a reputable security app from the Play Store which owns some decent star ratings. This will add an extra layer of protection to your smart device.
  • Download Android apps from a trusted source which means that one must avoid third-party app stores and websites. But we recommend sticking with the Google Play  

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