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Apple to bring AI features on upcoming iPhones and iOS 18: All you need to know

While the AI for Apple might come with privacy and speed advantages, questions linger regarding its potency compared to cloud-based AI processing on dedicated servers. The inherent capabilities of AI may not match the computational prowess and expansive resources offered by cloud servers.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: April 23, 2024 18:42 IST
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It was very recently when Samsung introduced several AI-powered features with the flagship Galaxy S24 series. The Korean tech giant launched the Galaxy S24 as the first device with an AI feature. It is the very first smartphone brand to go big with artificial intelligence, seeing the AI boom. 

Apple will soon be following in the footsteps of Samsung, entering the AI-powered features on their iPhones, but it is said that the approach of the company will be slightly different when compared to Samsung.

Apple to bring on-device AI features to the upcoming iPhones

As per the information shared by Mark Gurman (via 9To5Mac), the upcoming iPhone will have AI features on the device which will be powered by a Large Language Model (LLM) entirely. It will be developed by Apple itself and all the AI processing will happen on the device itself. 

As per the information provided by Sam Mobiles, we are expecting the tech giant to market the privacy and speed benefits heavily for using on-device AI processing. These AI features will debut in the upcoming iOS 18, which is set to launch in the WWDC 2024.

Although the on-device AI for Apple will have privacy and speed benefits, it is still unclear if it will be as powerful as the AI processing will offer dedicated servers in the cloud. However, it is still unclear if Apple is set to introduce AI features which will work well with the on-device AI processing. 

For example, the new feature will help in auto-replies and Siri requests better or not.

Samsung takes a different approach by adding a combination of on-device and cloud-based AI functionalities in its smartphones. This strategy will further involve utilizing its proprietary LLM (Large Language Models) along with Google's Gemini for AI processing tool. 

Users will be granted the flexibility to choose whether to process AI data locally on the device through a straightforward toggle. This approach has been observed on devices like the Galaxy S24 and earlier models equipped with One UI 6.1 featuring AI capabilities. The performance of AI features will vary, with some swiftly execution, while others may exhibit slower response times, based on the contingent upon the involvement of intricacy and workload.

On the other hand, Apple is yet to disclose any AI features which are slated to debut with iOS 18. 

There have been speculations and expectations for enhancements in areas like language translation, with more dependable autocorrect functionality, and advanced image editing features. 

As per the recent report, Apple was in discussions with Google regarding the potential use of Gemini to power certain AI features in iOS 18. But it remains uncertain if an agreement has been reached on this matter or not.



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