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5 ways to disable popup ads from smartphone gaming

We bring to you 5 ways to stop those annoying pop-up advertisement which bothers you during your game play. 

Written by: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Published on: May 24, 2022 15:50 IST
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Mobile gaming

Pop up ads while playing mobile games are indeed annoying and it certainly breaks the flow. It is distractive, irritating and time-bound- which means we have to watch it without any skipping for the last couple of seconds. And most of all, it could be of anything indeed, which makes you feel awkward if you are in some public place. But you must know that every problem has a solution, and so we can definitely get rid of these popping ads. 

Here are 5 tips for avoiding advertisements during the gameplay.

Use Airplane mode 

We all are aware of how these ads work- certainly, it needs the internet to automatically load from the internet on your smart device. So, if you are very seriously willing to have an advertisement free mobile gaming experience, so just put the handset in aeroplane mode which will definitely not let the banner ads bother you anymore. 

Although some ads might still bother you even during the aeroplane mode, they will be in lesser in number.

Uninstall and reinstall the game

And if you do not want to put your device on the flight mode, then you can remove the game from your handset and reinstall it back. 

Clear Catches

You can also clear the caches from your handset’s storage data. So, if you uninstall the game, remember to clear catches before reinstalling the game.

Disable Data Consumption 

Another way to stop the unwanted ads on the handset during the gameplay could be to do the following- first, you have to long-tap on the game’s icon and then choose ‘Info’ from the menu. Or else, you can go to Settings then click on App and Notifications, then proceed to  App Info and select the required app.

Turn off mobile data or WiFi

You can go to the information page of the game or app and navigate to the ‘Mobile data & WiFi’ area. There, you will have to enable the Disable WiFi and Disable data consumption section. 

Also, you could turn off the Background data toggle if you want to. So, even if you use the internet, your game will not be able to access it for the app or game.



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