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What iOS 17 has that Android doesn't – Users, take note

iOS 17 have some cool features that might make Android users a bit jealous. From effortless contact sharing and text extraction in videos to spam-proof email addresses and enhanced notification control, iPhone users have some unique perks.

Edited By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: December 23, 2023 13:51 IST
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Image Source : FILE iOS 17's NameDrop Feature

Android is good for customisation, but iOS 17 introduces some cool features that make Android users a bit jealous. Five of these special iOS 17 features stand out, making Android users wish they had them too.

NameDrop: Effortless Contact Sharing

Say goodbye to the awkward dance of sharing contact info. iOS 17 introduces NameDrop, allowing iPhones to seamlessly exchange contact details with a simple tap. No more clumsy fumbles – just a quick confirmation, and you're connected.

Live Text in Videos: Text Extraction Mastery

iOS 17 takes the handy Live Text feature a step further. Now, it can extract text from videos, letting you instantly grab quotes, translate subtitles, or search for products in a cooking video. Android users don't have a similar feature at their disposal.

Hide My Email with iCloud+: Privacy Boost

Worried about spam and protecting your email address? iOS 17 introduces Hide My Email with iCloud+, generating unique email addresses for each website you sign up for. Android's privacy suite doesn't offer anything as comprehensive.

Focus Filters: Tailored Notifications

Enhancing Focus modes, iOS 17 introduces Focus Filters. These filters customise which apps show notifications based on your specific Focus mode. Imagine silencing work emails during "Relax" mode or hiding social media notifications in "Read Later" mode. Android's Focus Mode falls short in comparison.

Battery Health Check: Insights into Your Battery

Curious about your phone's battery health? iOS 17's Battery Health Check provides a detailed report analysing battery health, charging habits, and app usage. It gives actionable insights to optimise battery life, going beyond Android's basic battery information. 

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