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Here are 5 skills that you can improve through gaming

We have listed five skills you can learn and strengthen while playing a game.

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New Delhi Published on: September 15, 2021 16:47 IST
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Here are 5 skills that you can improve through gaming.

Besides being a rich source of entertainment, games can teach invaluable life lessons, offering a gateway to a fun and playful learning experience. Whether it is fostering creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving or teamwork, there are numerous studies that reveal how gaming, when done in moderation, builds a strong emotional and mental foundation among players.

Here, we list down five skills you can learn and strengthen while playing a game.

A refreshing brain exercise

Games use a variety of tricks and tactics that challenge gamers to use their cognitive skills. . There are a few games--known simply as brain games--that stretch out your brain muscles in a fun way.These are available on all types of platforms, including mobile devices, that makes them accessible to everyone. Take for instance, Sudokoor  Math Clash that you can play on a platform like MPL. You do not need a high-end gaming console or PC, to access these games. Besides offering a delightful experience, such games help nurture your memory and bolster the power of logical and critical thinking.

Tailors technical skills

An area that gaming can have a very tangible impact is math and coding skills. Think about games like Robocode, Code Hunt or Data Games. By using a playful premise (in Robocode you have to build a robot battle tank), gamers have to use programming languages like Java, Kotlin and Scala, to advance in the game. Some universities are also including such games in their curriculum to teach students not just coding but also Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Nurtures competitive traits

Playing games inculcates a sense of healthy competition and teaches the importance of achieving goals, not just in the video game but in real life too. Gaming builds competitive skills that foster personal development, encourages inner persuasiveness, and pushes you to play with a winning mindset.

Magnifies knowledge about different sports and techniques

There are a plethora of games available that are inspired by real-world sports. Take for example games like FIFA and PES. Using IRL teams and players in the virtual world, these can be a great learning ground to understand the basic rules of the game, improve your knowledge of the various leagues around the world and even brush up on your football tactics.  Similarly, platforms like MPL are bringing traditional sports like Archery to the smartphone. Through various quick, competitive formats, gamers can hone and master the basics virtually, which can then translate to the physical world.

Develops sportsmanship and teamwork

Effective communication skills and collaboration are crucial when playing as a team. When you have to work alongside players with different skill sets, roles, temperament and personalities, it can teach you lifelong lessons of cooperation, partnership and patience, and also the ability to learn and adapt in stressful situations.

To conclude, by learning various strategies and skills (including discipline, and kindness), players can benefit a lot from gaming, provided they do so in moderation. 

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