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PUBG Mobile India vs PUBG Mobile global version: What's different?

PUBG Mobile India will be different from the global version of the app on both Android and iOS. Here are the differences we know about so far.

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New Delhi Updated on: November 27, 2020 16:53 IST
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PUBG Mobile India will be different from the global version.

PUBG Mobile India vs PUBG Mobile Global: PUBG Mobile was banned in India by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology back in September. The game is now finally making a comeback in a new avatar called PUBG Mobile India. As the fans are excited about the relaunch of the game, they have not realised that PUBG Mobile India will be a whole different app tailored for the Indian audience. Here’s everything that will be different in the Indian version of the game.

The Indian version of PUBG Mobile will come with significant changes when compared to the global version. These changes will ensure battery privacy and will also offer a tailored experience to the Indian users. 

Default character clothing 

Unlike the global version, the characters in the Indian version of the game will come fully clothed by default.

Limit playtime

In order to avoid spoiling the younger generation of the nation, PUBG Mobile India will have a feature that would allow the users to limit the playtime to ensure healthy gaming habits.

Microsoft Azure servers

PUBG Mobile India will be taking advantage of the Microsoft Azure servers in order to ensure complete safety and privacy of the Indian gamers. The company claims that they will protect all the user data and ensure it does not get out. 

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Green hit and damage effect

PUBG Mobile’s global version comes with an option to select and change the colour of the hit effect and damage effect. But the Indian version will not have the option and it will be locked to green instead.

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Meanwhile, PUBG Corporation has finally registered PUBG India Pvt Ltd as a company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The firm was incorporated on November 21 with a paid-up capital of Rs. 5 lakhs. Also, the company has appointed two directors named Sean Sohn and Kumar Krishnan Iyer. 

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