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Highlights, IPL 2018, Match 40: Rajasthan Royals survive elimination with 15-run win over Kings XI Punjab

Languishing at the bottom of the points table prior to this game, Rajasthan Royals have now moved to sixth place, while Kings XI Punjab remained the in third position.

Reported by: India TV Sports Desk New Delhi Updated on: May 09, 2018 0:14 IST
IPL Live Score, Rajasthan Royals vs Kings XI Punjab Cricket Score

IPL Live Score, Rajasthan Royals vs Kings XI Punjab Cricket Score

IPL 2018, RR vs KXIP Highlights 

IPL Live Score: RR vs KXIP Cricket Score, INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE (IPL) 2018 MATCH 40, RAJASTHAN ROYALS vs KINGS XI PUNJAB: Hello and welcome to our live ipl cricket coverage of the match no. 40 of Indian Premier League 2018 between Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur. Desperate to stay alive in the cash-rich tournament, Ajinkya Rahane's men will aim to avenge Sunday's six-wicket loss to Kings XI Punjab when the two sides face-off at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium. Royals succumbed to their third loss in a row in IPL, after being hammered by Punjab at the Holkar Stadium in Indore, they now need to win all their remaining five matches to keep themselves alive in the tournament. Rajasthan have just six points with three wins from nine games while Punjab are placed third after six wins from nine games and 12 points in their kitty. Another win for Punjab will almost seal them a playoff berth and a defeat will be the end of the road for Rajasthan. (CRICKET STREAMING - RR vs KXIP)

Nothing has clicked for Rajasthan as a team this season with all the departments failing to come together. Skipper Rahane has been average with the bat while all-rounder Ben Stokes and Rahul Tripathi have also failed to fire. Only young Sanju Samson has single-handedly carried Rajashthan's batting on his shoulders, amassing 310 runs from nine games, averaging 38.75. On the other hand, Punjab's batting this season mostly relies on the opening combination of Chris Gayle and Lokesh Rahul, who have consistently given great starts to their team. The Jamaican marauder has accumulated 310 runs from just six games, averaging 149.75, while, Rahul has 376 runs from nine games.  Karun Nair has also been impressive after 240 runs from eight innings but veteran Yuvraj Singh, Aaron Finch and Mayank Agarwal are yet to make their presence felt in the middle-order. (SCORECARD) (IPL Full Coverage)


23.41 IST: 

23.35 IST: 

23.33 IST: FOUR! Boundary, all but over now though. Full and outside off, Rahul brings out the reverse paddle and clears short third man's head to send it across the rope. Rajasthan Royals (158/8) beat Kings XI Punjab (143/7) by 15 runs in Jaipur. Gowtham 2/12, Rahul 95*

23.30 IST: SIX! Makes full use of it. It's full and outside off, Rahul gets behind the ball and launches it over wide long off for a maximum. This is now his highest score in this edition of the Indian Premier League.  KXIP 135/7 in 19.3 overs

Andrew Tye is the new man in.

23.28 IST: OUT! Stoinis has to make the long walk back! Low full toss wide outside off, Stoinis carves this over covers. Hits it flat and that becomes his undoing. Straight to Gowtham out in the deep who takes it above his head. Holds a cool pose too as he puts the ball in his pocket and stands there with his arms folded. Lovely.  Kings XI Punjab 127/7 in 19.1 overs vs Rajasthan Royals (158/8)

23.26 IST: FOUR! Three in a row. Once more, goes across and lifts it over short fine leg to find the fence. 32 required off the last over. Too much left probably for Punjab to do.  KXIP 127/6 in 19 overs

23.25 IST: FOUR! Consecutive boundaries for KL! Fuller around off, Rahul goes across and scoops it over short fine leg for a boundary.  KXIP 123/6 in 18.5 overs

23.24 IST: FOUR! Good adjustment from KL Rahul. Credit to Archer too, he did well actually. Seeing Rahul walk across the stumps, he bowls it wide outside off. Rahul prepares for the paddle at first, but then quickly adjusts and slaps it through mid off. Unadkat gives it the chase, but can't keep it in. Boundary.  KXIP 119/6 in 18.4 overs

23.20 IST: KXIP 111/6 in 18 overs - 

23.16 IST: FOUR! Positive start to the over from Rahul. Gives the charge to this back of a length delivery and pulls it over mid-wicket for a boundary.  KXIP 106/6 in 17.1 overs

23.15 IST: Brilliant over from Archer! Rahul once again makes room, Archer follows him again, this time with a yorker. KL can only squeeze it out on the leg side for a single.  KXIP 102/6 in 17 overs

23.11 IST: Another slower one from Unadkat, fraction straight in line, Stoinis moves inside the line and works it in front of square leg for a run. KXIP 98/6 in 16 overs

Jaydev Unadkat comes on to bowl.

23.03 IST: Strategic break signalled. 67 runs needed off the last five overs. The two men out there are the best ones for the job. Can they do it? Or will Rajasthan pull off a vital victory? Some interesting action is coming either way. 

23.02 IST: Stoinis rocks onto the back foot and punches the ball. They pick up a single, 6 runs from the over.  KXIP 92/6 in 15 overs

Ish Sodhi back on.

22.59 IST: 

22.58 IST: FIFTY! KL Rahul hits 8th half-century of his IPL career. Kings XI Punjab 86/6 in 14 overs vs Rajasthan Royals (158/8)

Marcus Stoinis is the next man in

22.56 IST: OUT! Excellent throw from Binny in the deep. Axar slogs across the line through mid-wicket and quickly calls for the second. Binny from wide long on moves to his left, gets to the ball and fires in an accurate throw to Buttler, who takes the bails off in a flash. Axar dives in and the decision is taken upstairs. Replays show he's gone. Punjab in trouble here now. 78 off 39 needed to win. Kings XI Punjab 81/6 in 13.3 overs vs Rajasthan Royals (158/8)

22.55 IST: A run out appeal against Axar Patel. It looks close. Really close. Could go either way...

 22.53 IST: FOUR! Length delivery on the stumps and it's the slower one, Axar picks it up and lofts it over mid-wicket for a boundary. KXIP 80/5 in 13.2 overs

Anureet Singh on to bowl.

22.47 IST: 

Axar Patel comes into the middle next.

22.46 IST: OUT! Stokes gets his first of the game. Tiwary fails to make an impact. Length ball on off, angling in as Tiwary looks to work it across the line. Spoons a leading towards Rahane at cover who dives forward and takes a good catch. Kings XI Punjab 66/5 in 12 overs vs Rajasthan Royals (158/8)

Ben Stokes is back.

22.42 IST: Pushed to the cover region by the batsman. The batsmen have run through for a single, 6 from the over.  KXIP 61/4 in 11 overs

22.38 IST: Flicked away in front of square leg by Tiwary for a single. The batsmen wanted the second but the fielder was too quick to the ball. 10 runs from the over.  KXIP 55/4 in 10 overs

22.35 IST: FOUR! Superb shot. Rahul continues to play his shot. Sees the ball landed short, so he rocks back quickly and muscles the pull through the mid-wicket area for a boundary. KXIP 49/4 in 9.1 overs

22.32 IST: Rajasthan are on top here. We're not even at the halfway mark and 4 wickets are down. Though Rahul is still out there and he showed last time out that he can take the game away late in the innings. An interesting phase of play coming up for both teams.

Strategic break. Manoj Tiwary is next in. - 

22.31 IST: OUT! Sodhi strikes! Nath departs. Looped up on off, it's the leg break and Nath kneels down to play the big slog sweep. A big top edge and it skies towards long off. Krishnappa Gowtham settles himself under the ball and takes a lovely reverse cup catch. Punjab need 114 runs to win in 11 overs. Kings XI Punjab 45/4 in 9 overs vs Rajasthan Royals (158/8)

22.27 IST: FOUR! Shot. Charges out of the crease, opens his body up and goes inside out through covers. Nicely done from Nath, it will fetch him a boundary. KXIP 42/3 in 7.4 overs

22.24 IST: REVIEW TIME! Safe! Interesting... the trajectory looked different in real time. Hmm.. Anyway, Nath is safe. Sodhi lands it on off, it turns a touch and catches Nath on the front pad. Loud shout, turned down but the Kiwi wants to review it thinking it's pad first. It's taken upstairs and replays show it is pad first, but it's missing the off stump. The turn took it away. KXIP 33/3 in 6.1 overs

22.32 IST: 

22.17 IST: FOUR! Over the covers and down for a boundary. KL Rahul hangs on for now. Just over the fielder. Full and wide outside off, Rahul slices this, barely, over the leaping fielder at backward point for a boundary. KXIP 29/3 in 5.1 overs

22.14 IST: Another edge. This time there was a slip in place too but it's gone well wide of him. Back of a length angling across, Nath closes the face a bit early and spoons a leading edge through short third man. One run taken. KXIP 23/3 in 4.2 overs

22.09 IST: OUT! Jofra Archer removes Karun Nair for 3. Rajasthan are off to a superb start. Archer bangs it in short on off, Nair looks to pull but the bounce gets too big on him. Gets a top edge which balloons towards mid-wicket, where Unadkat backpedals and takes a tumbling catch. KXIP 19/3 in 3.3 overs

22.02 IST: OUT! Gowtham removes R Ashwin for a golden duck. The move to promote himself up the order has failed miserably. The Punjab skipper is gone first ball. Gowtham lands it outside off, just behind a driving length, Ashwin with no foot movement looks to go big downtown. It spins in, goes right through the gate and knocks the bails over. KXIP 14/2 in 2.2 overs

22.01 IST: OUT! What a delivery and the Universe Boss Chris Gayle has been deceived and stumped. Beautiful delivery by Gowtham. Superb delivery. Probably knows Gayle is going to charge out, and he does, so Gowtham fires it full and down the leg side. Gayle misses and Buttler behind the stumps whips. KXIP 13/1 in 2.1 overs

21.58 IST: SIX! A short ball by Archer sees KL Rahul cut the ball, unintentionally and travels for a maximum. KXIP 13/0 in 2 overs

21.53 IST: FOUR! An appeal for an LBW before saw KL Rahul make this one fly. Falls short of a big one though. Makes use of the feet to get close to the pitch and lofts it cleanly over covers to find the fence. KXIP 4/0 in 0.3 overs

21.52 IST: Loud shout for a leg before, denied! Good call from Buttler, Gowtham wanted the review but he was adamant to not go for it. Floated up around off, not much turn on it as Rahul gets low to sweep. Fails to connect and is rapped on the front pad. The keeper says the impact is outside off, and replays confirm he's right. Well done. KXIP 0/0 in 0.2 overs

21.48 IST: Chris Gayle and KL Rahul make their way to the wicket. Can the deadly duo cruise through this? Or have the Royal's bowlers learnt their lesson from the previous encounter? Let's get started as KXIP chase a target of 159.

21.47 IST: 

21.41 IST: 

21.36 IST: OUT! Three wickets in the over and some excellent bowling by Tye at the death. Bowls this full on middle and leg, Unadkat lofts this over mid-on but finds Nair at long on. Just six of the last over and RAJASTHAN END WITH 158/8 AFTER 20 OVERS.

21.35 IST: FOUR! Steaky but handy! Lomror paddles this over short fine leg for a boundary. Welcome runs for the hosts. RR 157/7 in 19.4 overs vs KXIP

21.34 IST: OUT! In the air...and taken. Manoj Tiwari takes an another catch. Slow ball in line of the stumps, Jofra swings but gets more height than distance. The ball goes towards long off, Tiwary settles under it and takes a very good catch. Tye gets his second of the over.  . Rajasthan Royals 153/7 in 19.3 overs vs Kings XI Punjab

Jofra Archer is the new man in.

21.32 IST: OUT! Stokes fails to make an impact in the last over. Slower ball from Tye outside off, Stokes gets low and reaches for it. Ends up giving a simple catch to Ashwin at covers. Rajasthan losing wickets trying to up the scoring. Rajasthan Royals 152/6 in 19.1 overs vs Kings XI Punjab

21.30 IST: Brilliant over from Mohit! Slow ball outside off, Lomror once again fails to make contact. Very good over from Mohit. Just 5 from it.  RR 152/5 in 19 overs

Mahipal Lomror walks out next to bat and Mohit Sharma will bowl the 19th over.


21.23 IST: OUT! To out surprise, Binny is well short of his crease. He looked in to the naked eye, but not to be. Stokes drills this to long off and thinks of the second. They come back but Nair there gets in a good throw at the non-striker's end. They take it up and find out Binny is short. Rajasthan Royals 147/5 in 18 overs vs Kings XI Punjab

21.20 IST: SIX! This one is for the haters. Overpitched ball on middle, Binny lofts it over long on for a maximum. RR 143/4 in 17.3 overs

21.15 IST: 

Stuart Binny is the new man in.

21.14 IST: OUT! A well-played innings from Buttler comes to an end. Mujeeb now moves on top of the list of the leading wicket-takers. Sees Buttler charging so drags his length back on middle and leg. Buttler swings and misses the ball. It goes through to Rahul who takes the bails off. An important wicket for Punjab as Buttler could have made a difference at the death. Rajasthan Royals 132/4 in 16.2 overs vs Kings XI Punjab

21.12 IST: DROPPED! Akshdeep Nath has put down Buttler. Ashwin gives this air on leg, Buttler gets a top edge to this trying to clear mid-wicket. The ball flies towards extra cover where Nath from the deep hares to it but puts it down. Maybe he was distracted by Manoj running from covers. They take three.

21.11 IST: FOUR! Stand and deliver stuff from Stokes. Hits this hard over Ashwin's head for a one bounce boundary. RR 124/3 in 15.1 overs

Ben Stokes joins his fellow Englishman in the middle.

21.07 IST: OUT! Mujeeb removes Sanju Samson for 22. Rajasthan Royals 117/3 in 14.3 overs vs Kings XI Punjab

21.04 IST: Strategic break!  

21.03 IST: FOUR! Cut and cuts hard. Short ball outside off, Samson cuts it through point for a boundary. RR 114/2 in 14 overs

21.00 IST: SIX! There it is! Finally Samson cuts loose. Lofts this over the bowler's head for half a dozen. RR 108/2 in 13.1 overs

20.56 IST: Another tidy over from the Punjab captain. Just five runs from it. RR 96/2 in 12 overs

Ravichandran Ashwin to bowl his second over.

20.51 IST: FOUR! Short ball from Axar around off, Buttler rocks back and punches this to extra-cover. Tye there cannot get low enough and the ball meets the fence. RR 88/2 in 10.4 overs

20.48 IST: FOUR! Poor ball from Mujeeb and he pays the price for it. Strays this short and down leg, Buttler just helps it on it's way for a boundary. RR 81/2 in 9.4 overs

Mujeeb Ur Rahman to bowl his first over.

20.45 IST: 

20.42 IST: Driven towards the mid on region. The batsmen have run through for a single, 5 singles from the over. RR 72/2 in 8 overs

20.41 IST: FIFTY! Jos Buttler hammers 4th half-century of his IPL career. His third in a row and fourth overall in the league. Tickles this to short fine leg to get there. Rajasthan Royals 70/2 in 7.3 overs vs Kings XI Punjab

20.39 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin to bowl

Sanju Samson walks out next to bat.

20.36 IST: OUT! There is it. Everybody's favourite line. 'A wicket after the break'. Slower length ball from Stoinis on middle and leg, Gowtham looks to clear long on but doesn't get enough distance to it. He ends up finding Tiwary stationed who won't drop that.  Rajasthan Royals 64/2 in 6.3 overs vs Kings XI Punjab

Strategic break! Marcus Stoinis to bowl after the break. 

20.30 IST: Buttler punches this ball wide of the mid on fielder to end the over with a single. Rajasthan are 63/1 in 6 overs after the Powerplay.

20.28 IST: FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries for Buttler. He is turning on the heat here. Tye bowls this full outside off, Buttler reaches for it and drives it over covers. RR 60/1 in 5.3 overs

20.26 IST: SIX! SHOOOOOT!!! The best of the night! Overpitched ball from Mohit on middle stump, Gowtham Lofts this beautifully over the bowler's head for a maximum. Holds his pose for the photographers to get in their work. RR 52/1 in 5 overs

20.25 IST: 

20.22 IST: FOUR! All timing in that. Length ball outside off, Buttler makes room and pushes this to the deep backward point region. Class. RR 43/1 in 4.2 overs

Krishnappa Gowtham has been promoted up the order.

20.18 IST: OUT! Slower ball does the trick and a wicket against the run of play for Punjab. One short to many from Rahane and it results in his downfall. Knuckleball from Tye on middle and leg, Rahane takes a few steps forward and looks to go over mid-wicket. He gets a leading edge to it and the ball skies towards covers where Akshdeep Nath settles under it and makes no mistake. Rajasthan Royals 37/1 in 3.4 overs vs Kings XI Punjab

Fourth over. Four changes. Andrew Tye is called up to bowl.

20.14 IST: FOUR! Rahane gets it away. No third man so will pick up a boundary. Length ball on middle and off, Rahane cuts it close to his body to the third man region. RR 35/0 in 3 overs

20.11 IST: FOUR! Mohit bowls it short, it sits up nicely for Jos who rocks back and pulls this through mid-wicket. RR 29/0 in 2.1 overs

Mohit Sharma to bowl his first over.

20.10 IST: 

20.08 IST: SIX! This one is even bigger! Another floated ball around off, Buttler leans forward and lofts this for an 83-metre biggie. RR 24/0 in 1.5 overs

20.07 IST: FOUR! Up and over! Tossed up ball on off, Jos lofts it over covers for a boundary. RR 18/0 in 1.4 overs

Axar Patel will bowl from the other end.

20.03 IST: FOUR! Buttler is continuing from he left. This is a man in form. Another pitched up ball on middle and leg, Buttler hits this with a straight bat, down the ground, along the turf for back-to-back boundaries. RR 11/0 in 0.4 overs

20.02 IST: FOUR! The first of the night! Pitched up ball on leg, Buttler flicks it away off his pads to the deep square leg region to the fence. RR 7/0 in 0.3 overs 

19.58 IST: 

19.57 IST: Out come the players and the umpires. Punjab are ready and have taken the field. Jos Buttler will continue to open while skipper Ajinkya Rahane will be on the other side. Marcus Stoinis will bowl with the new ball. A slip in place to begin with. Here we go...

19.51 IST: 

19.45 IST: India Tv - IPL 2018: Rajasthan Royals vs Kings XI Punjab

Image Source : INDIATV

Kings XI Punjab Playing XI against  Rajasthan Royals in Jaipur

19.40 IST: India Tv - IPL 2018: Rajasthan Royals vs Kings XI Punjab

Image Source : INDIATV

Rajasthan Royals Playing XI against Kings XI Punjab in Jaipur

19.35 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin the Punjab skipper jokes about saying he wanted to lose the toss. He opines that there won't be much bounce on the wicket. Reckons that both the teams know each other's strengths and it won't be easy to chase. Ends by saying that Akshdeep Nath and Mohit Sharma make it to the XI.

19.34 IST: Ajankya Rahane the Rajasthan skipper says that the wicket looks good. Says that their bowling has been good so want to defend the target. States that it's a do-or-die and the boys are in great shape. Continues saying that it is important they play with freedom and ends by saying that they have three changes to their side. Stuart Binny, Mahipal Lomror and Ish Sodhi come in.

19.32 IST: 

19.30 IST: TOSS - Rajasthan Royals win toss, opt to bat against Kings XI Punjab in Jaipur

19.25 IST: PITCH REPORT - Ian Bishop after having a closer look at both the ends of the pitch opines that the track is not properly grassed. He says that the spinners may get the ball to turn and seamers who bowl cutters will get purchase. Continues saying that the short ball may skid. Reckons teams will bat first as the wicket may get slower later in the day.

19.15 IST: Royals Mantra - 

19.10 IST: 

19.00 IST: 

18.56 IST: 

18.51 IST: Captain's Corner - 

18.40 IST: Buttler holds the key for the hosts - 

18.35 IST: Fireworks in Jaipur tonight - 

Brief Preview: After three consecutive defeats, Ajinkya Rahane-led Rajasthan Royals will seek a miracle to remain in contention for the IPL 2018 playoffs when they host Kings XI Punjab in a do-or-die battle at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur, on Tuesday. Royals are playing Punjab, placed third in the table, just a day after losing to them by six wickets in Indore, where neither the bowlers nor the batsmen managed do a convincing job. Nothing has gone right for the winners of the inaugural edition of the IPL, who lost their pillar -- Australian Steven Smith -- to the ball-tampering scandal.

The lacklustre performance by their batsmen and bowlers have landed them in a position where they need to win all their remaining games and also pray for favourable results in order to qualify for the playoffs. The hosts are back on their home turf, where they have recorded two of their three victories, but they need to start afresh. (Read Full Match Preview)


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