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Kharia Pin Code

India has 29 states with at least 720 districts comprising of approximately 6 lakh villages, and over 8200 cities and towns. Indian postal department has allotted a unique postal code of pin code to each district/village/town/city to ensure quick delivery of postal services.

A Postal Index Number or PIN or PIN code is a code in the post office numbering or post code system used by India Post, the Indian postal administration. The code is six digits long.

The first three digits of the PIN represent a specific geographical region called a sorting district that is headquartered at the main post office of the largest city and is known as the sorting office. A state may have one or more sorting districts depending on the volumes of mail handled. The fourth digit represents the route on which a delivery office is located in the sorting district. The last two digits represent the delivery office within the sorting district starting from 01 which would be the GPO or HO.

Kharia Pin Code is 811211. Pin Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code. Kharia is located in district Munger, Bihar, INDIA.

RegionPatna HQ
Telephone No.NA
Office TypeB.O
Delivery StatusDelivery
Related Sub OfficeBariarpur S.O (Munger)
Related Head OfficeMunger H.O

Kharia Near By Pin Code List

AgrahanHaweli KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811211
AmariDharharaMungerBIHAR 811212
B M TolaMungerMungerBIHAR 811202
Baha ChowkiDharharaMungerBIHAR 811202
BanharaHaweli KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811213
Bank HarpurJamalpurMungerBIHAR 811202
BarhaunaH KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811213
Bariarpur MungerBariarpurMungerBIHAR 811211
BarmasiaDahrharaMungerBIHAR 811212
BasudeopurMungerMungerBIHAR 811202
Belan BazarMungerMungerBIHAR 811201
BenigirMungerMungerBIHAR 811202
BhadauraHaweli KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811211
BhalarDharharaMungerBIHAR 811212
BichhichancharTetiya BambarMungerBIHAR 811213
Binda DiyaraBariarpurMungerBIHAR 811211
DariapurH KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811213
DariayapurMungerMungerBIHAR 811202
Dharhara MungerDharharaMungerBIHAR 811212
EkashiBariarpurMungerBIHAR 811211
FardaJamalpurMungerBIHAR 811202
Ganga DarshanMungerMungerBIHAR 811201
Gangata MoreHaweli KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811213
Gaurab DihTetia BambarMungerBIHAR 811213
GhorghatBariarpurMungerBIHAR 811211
GobaddaHaweli KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811213
HalimpurJamalpurMungerBIHAR 811214
Haweli KharagpurHaweli KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811213
Heru DiyaraMungerMungerBIHAR 811202
IthariJamalpurMungerBIHAR 811214
ItwaDharharaMungerBIHAR 811212
J. NagarMungerMungerBIHAR 811202
Jamalpur MungerJamalpurMungerBIHAR 811214
Jamalpur Work Shop Ed SoJamalpurMungerBIHAR 811201
JankinagarJamalpurMungerBIHAR 811211
K ShampurHaweli KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811211
KalarampurJamalpurMungerBIHAR 811211
KalyanpurBariarpurMungerBIHAR 811211
KenduaHaweli KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811213
KhairaH KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811213
Khaira DorayTarapurMungerBIHAR 811213
KutlupurMungerMungerBIHAR 811202
L. LaxmipurHaweli KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811213
LagmaTetiabambarMungerBIHAR 811213
Lahauta GhatwariDharharaMungerBIHAR 811212
Lal Darwaza MungerMungerMungerBIHAR 811201
LohchiHaweli KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811211
MaheshpurMungerMungerBIHAR 811211
MangarhDharharaMungerBIHAR 811212
ManjhgayH KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811213
Munger CollegeMungerMungerBIHAR 811201
Munger FortMungerMungerBIHAR 811201
MungerMungerMungerBIHAR 811201
Munger TownMungerMungerBIHAR 811201
MuzaffarganjHawelikhragpurMungerBIHAR 811213
N.D.Road MungerMungerMungerBIHAR 811201
NawagarhiSadar MungerMungerBIHAR 811211
OrabagichaDharharaMungerBIHAR 811212
ParsandoH KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811213
PattamJamalpurMungerBIHAR 811214
Purab SaraiMungerMungerBIHAR 811201
PurshotampurHaweli KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811211
R C.MaidanTetiabambarMungerBIHAR 811213
Raja DihSangrampurMungerBIHAR 811213
RamankabadHaweli KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811213
RamgarhRamgarhMungerBIHAR 811311
RatanpurBariarpurMungerBIHAR 811211
RathaithaHawelikharagpurMungerBIHAR 811213
Sadar Bazar JamalpurJamalpurMungerBIHAR 811214
SadobhH KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811213
SafiabadJamalpurMungerBIHAR 811214
SarobaghJamalpurMungerBIHAR 811214
ShankarpurMungerMungerBIHAR 811202
Shiv KundDharharaMungerBIHAR 811202
Shivpur LogainH KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811213
SinghiaJamalpurMungerBIHAR 811202
TaufirMungerMungerBIHAR 811202
TegharaH KharagpurMungerBIHAR 811213
Tetia BambarTetiaMungerBIHAR 811213
TikarampurMungerMungerBIHAR 811202
Tola BangalwaDharharaMungerBIHAR 811212
Zamin DegreeMungerMungerBIHAR 811202
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