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  4. Pakistani journo mistakes PM Modi's 'urban naxal' jab with 'Arab nasal', gets brutally trolled on social media

Pakistani journo mistakes PM Modi's 'urban naxal' jab with 'Arab nasal', gets brutally trolled on social media

Pakistan's senior journalist Hamid Mir misconceived Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'urbal naxal' as 'Arab nasal' (race). As soon as he posted the clip on social media, the users trolled him brutally.

Written By: Ajeet Kumar @Ajeet1994 New Delhi Published on: April 24, 2024 15:05 IST
Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir
Image Source : @HAMIDMIRPAK/X Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir

A renowned Pakistani journalist has created an uproar on social media platforms for misinterpreting Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent speech in Rajasthan where he was targetting left-centric parties for allegedly distributing the wealth to a particular community.

While targeting the Opposition, PM Modi tagged them as "urban naxals" and said "they would sell your "mangalsutras". However, Hamid Mir, while hosting a news show, got confused with the word 'urban naxal' with 'Arab nasal' (race). 

What did Modi say in Rajasthan?

"When the Congress party was in government, they said Muslims have the first right over the country’s resources. If it returns to power, the party will gather all your wealth and distribute it among those who have more children," said Modi as the crowd applauded. Later, he claimed that the urban Naxals would not leave the "mangalsutras" of women and claimed they would even sell them.   

It is worth noting that the term 'Urban Naxals' was first coined to describe anti-establishment protesters and other dissenters. However, the word gained much popularity in 2018 in the wake of the crackdown on left-wingers and other liberals embroiled in the Elgaar Parishad case in Maharashtra. 

Pakistani journalist brutally trolled 

But, the word was misperceived by the Pakistani journalist. The journo didn't appreciate correcting his mistake even though a flurry of comments on his social media post was hijacked by the tutors who acquainted him with the proper usage of the terms "urban naxals" and "Arab nasals". 

In fact, he criticised Modi's recent visit to Arab nations where he received one of the highest civilian awards. "On one side, Modi is welcomed in Arabic countries, on the other he also calls these same Arabs with disparaging names," said Mir. 

But, his views were not bought by anyone and several netizens jumped into the comment section and called him a "paid" journalist.  "Hamid Mir is now becoming a root cutter of Pakistan by passing such remarks about our brother countries without thinking that our interests are in the very delicate and developing phase. Shame on you. Paid, rented vocal person of PTI," another user tweeted.

"Hey, be careful. Saudi Arabia is our brother country. You should look into your own (Shajra) only to whom you belong and your interests. You are a paid, vocal rented person of PTI," tweeted another user.

It is worth mentioning Mir, a veteran journalist, is popular for his opinionated news shows. Also, he is quite known for his anti-establishment stance. In fact, his several shows were cancelled for his critical stand. However, in the past, he landed in several controversies. But, this was the first time when he had been brutally trolled for his mistake on the social media platform.

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