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Ola cab driver dupes female rider of Rs 3,700 by offering 'fake' Ola Pass

Ola is one of the biggest cab service providers in India and the company has reported a number of fraud cases in the past years. In a recent one, an Ola driver duped a rider of thousands of rupees on the pretext of an offer, under which riders can avail free rides each day. Here's what happened.

Vani Mehrotra Written by: Vani Mehrotra @vani_mehrotra New Delhi Updated on: February 06, 2020 17:26 IST
Ola fraud
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Ola cab rider loses Rs3,700 after driver dupes her on pretext of fake offer

Do you take up rides with Ola frequently? If yes, then this is a must read for you. Though local cab service providers have undoubtedly made travelling hassle-free, however, there are always some risks involved with riding with a driver unknown to you. We have all come across a number of cases wherein drivers of cab service providers have messed up with passengers, especially females; but this involves money. 

A fresh case of an Ola driver duping a female rider has emerged. According to the information received, the driver of the Ola cab duped the passenger of over 3,500 Rs and what more, Ola is not even providing a resolution to the same. 

On February 1, this year, a regular cab rider booked an Ola cab to reach her office in Noida area of Uttar Pradesh. Soon after she boarded the cab, the Ola driver began a conversation regarding cab bills and payment methods. It was then when the Ola driver informed the rider of an offer with Ola, as per which the total rides taken within a period of 9 months would cost Rs 3,700. 

According to what the Ola driver said, a rider can avail upto 2 free rides each day in Delhi-NCR for a period of 9 months, by purchasing a pass of Rs 3,700. 

Upon enquiring about the offer, the Ola driver told the rider that she needs to avail the offer by paying an amount of Rs 3,700 and the offer will be activated within a day. Later, the driver provided a mobile number to the rider and asked her to transfer the amount to the Paytm account linked with the said number. The rider reached her destination after the amount was successfully transferred to the Paytm account. 

India Tv - Ola fraud

Image Source : FILE

Ola fraud: The rider had transferred money to this Paytm account, which was different with the driver's registered contact number

India Tv - Ola fraud

Image Source : FILE

Ola fraud: The ride and the driver details, as captured through the rider's cellphone

Suspicion arose when the rider later tried to contact the driver, however, all calls to the driver and even to the provided Paytm mobile number went unanswered. Upon contacting Ola, the company asked the rider to file a formal FIR (First Information Report) with the police. The rider also received a mail from Ola, which stated that they are working on the issue.

India Tv - Ola fraud

Image Source : FILE

Ola fraud: Mail that the rider had received from Ola after the matter was reported

This is not the first time that an Ola rider has been financially duped. In April last year, two finance professionals lost Rs 14,000 as soon as they shared the ride OTP with the cab driver. Later, Ola said they have suspended the driver. 

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