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Warning! Watch this video to know how you could be robbed on a Delhi road

A video shared by Awini Ambuj Shanker details how two thieves stole his phone when he was stuck in a traffic jam in Delhi.

Written by: India TV News Desk New Delhi Updated on: August 16, 2017 21:47 IST
Watch this video to know how you could be robbed on a Delhi
Image Source : FACEBOOK Watch this video to know how you could be robbed on a Delhi road

There are hundreds of people on the road when you are driving and stuck in a traffic jam in Delhi. Someone might knock on your window in anger making you believe that you injured them while you were trying to make your way in the narrow space you could find on the jammed road. But here is a warning for you: Do not lower your window. 

This is a warning put up by Awini Ambuj Shanker. A Facebook post by Shanker and his sister Daksha Jaidka details how two thieves worked in tandem to steal his phone when he unsuspectedly lowered his car window. The entire incident, which took place near AIIMS hospital when he was stuck in a traffic jam, was caught on the car's dashboard camera.

The post by Jaidka has been shared over 700 times and the video has over 60,000 views. The same post posted on Shanker's Facebook profile has been shared over 160 times while the video has nearly 7,000 views. 

Here we are reproducing the post, published by the siblings as warning to others:

"WARNING!! If you see these two people at a traffic light do not open your window under any circumstances!! no matter how aggressive they act. If possible take their picture and call the police.

On the morning of August 2nd 2017 I was stuck in slow moving traffic just outside AIIMS, and the person in blue crossed my car pretending to look into his phone, but actually he was looking into cars for possible victims. I unfortunately became one because my phone was lying on the passenger seat rather than somewhere more secure. As I started moving along with the traffic i heard a thud from the rear of the car, i thought i had accidentally hit someone, suddenly the same fellow in blue came up to my window and pretended that I had hit him with my car, as I rolled my window down to enquire what had happened, I did not see the second fellow in grey approach from the right side of the car. he then hit the drivers side window, which made me look away for a few seconds, which was all that the first chap needed to steal my phone without me noticing it. Since i have a dash cam in my car, the act was caught on video. These videos were given to the police within hours along with my FIR# 0252 at P.S.Hauz Khas, but unfortunately they have had no luck in apprehending these criminals. Please share and forward to your friends and others so that more people don't fall victim to the likes of these villains."

The post is accompanied by two videos and pictures of two culprits.


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