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How to get someone to love you, here’re 6 relationship tips you could use

Here are few methods from our experiences to make someone fall in love with you, without any guilt.

Pavni Jain Pavni Jain
New Delhi Published on: June 29, 2018 11:03 IST
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There's always one question that has stayed in my mind forever, "Do I really love him or I just enjoy the idea of being in love with him?"

I'm pretty sure, we all have at one point of time dealt with the same question when it comes to our ignorant crushes. These questions just pop-up in our minds in the non-reciprocal state of love. When we give in everything while feeling for a person, we expect mutual efforts or mutual feelings at the least.

But when the other person fails to do that, we blame the concept of "love". So, the most important thing to learn here is, love doesn't mean World cinema romance which is meant to happen just like that!

Sometimes, it takes strenuous efforts to make the other person fall for us which is completely fine.

There must be people who believe that love is an emotion, so, it can't be changed. Well, there's the answer in the statement itself. Since love is just another psychological emotion like fear, anxiety, and hatred, we can develop it over time.

This is the reason we present you a few tried-and-tested methods from our experiences to make someone fall in love with you, without any guilt. Starting from don'ts to do's, read on to find out more!

1. Do Not Overdo Them

Researching on a person, writing a conversational script and then performing is all artificial. This will eventually become boring for the other person. There will be nothing left with the other person to contribute in the talk. So, we advise you to keep your conversation natural and as flowing as it can be!

2. Do Not Try To Impress Them

Again, don't be artificial and stay true to your own self. Impressing someone might look pretentious and can get you in trouble in a long-term relationship. Whereas, being honest from the word go will develop trust and understanding between two partners.

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3. Be An Inspiration

Becoming an inspiration for the person you love can fetch you bonus points. Because there are people who find inspirational talks more attractive than physical attraction. So, talk about your passion, your goals, and everything that you want to tick off from your bucket-list.

Tip: Hold your eye contact for a longer period of time with your loved while having a deep conversation.

4. Make Them Feel Special

This trick always work, like always! Treat your partner special and by special, we don't mean to gift them flowers or cards. A person also feel special when you tell him/her things that nobody know! So, let your partners know your little secrets or your awkward habits which you won't share with anyone else!

5. Know Each Other Better

The more you get comfortable with each other, the better you understand each other. This is why, it is important to pay attention and note down little things that your partner like or dislikes.

"There could be many factors involved in love like physical attractiveness, proximity, familiarity, similarity, reciprocity and commitment. Yet, it usually develops out of feelings of mutual understanding and shared respect for one another", says Aayushi Khaneja, Counselor in Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center.

6. Be Patient

Making someone fall for you with all fair means is definitely going to test your patience. It is a time-taking process because, at the end, love is an emotion. It is a feeling that develops over time.

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