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Putin's Killing to Cyber Attacks: 7 Astonishing predictions made by Baba Vanga for 2024

Until her passing in 1996, Vanga had made numerous predictions that are now increasingly validated. She was widely believed to possess paranormal abilities.

Surabhi Shaurya Written By: Surabhi Shaurya @SurabhiShaurya New Delhi Updated on: December 07, 2023 13:08 IST
Baba Vanga's prediction for 2024
Image Source : FILE Baba Vanga's prediction for 2024

Baba Vanga Predictions For 2024: Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova popularly known as Baba Vanga has made several predictions that has remained eerily accurate over the years. As the year 2023 is coming to an end, people are looking for her prophecies made for 2024. The Bulgarian mystic credited her ability to foresee events to a transformative storm that rendered her blind at the age of 12. Known as the 'Nostradamus of the Balkans,' Baba Vanga made many surprising predictions, remarkably accurate in about 85% of cases. Her visions, including significant global events like 9/11 and the conflict in Ukraine, have continued to unfold even years after her passing. Lets take a look at the 7 startling predictions made by Vanga for the upcoming year. 

7 Predictions Made by Baba Vanga For 2024 

  • Assassination of Vladimir Putin: Vanga had predicted that a Russian citizen might assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2024. 
  • Terrorism in Europe: There might be a rise in terrorist activities in Europe, including the possibility of biological weapon tests or attacks by a major country, Baba Vanga had foreseen. 
  • Climate Disasters: 2024 could go down in history as a year marked by a series of natural disasters, encompassing severe weather incidents and increased levels of radiation.
  • Economic Crisis: She predicted an imminent financial crisis driven by mounting debt, intensifying global tensions, and a significant geopolitical transition as power steadily shifted from Western nations to those in the East.
  • Cyber Attacks: In 2024, there might be more cases of cyber attacks targeting critical infrastructure such as power grids and water treatment facilities, posing significant national security threats.
  • Technological Revolution: Vanga foresaw notable progress in quantum computing and a substantial increase in the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Medical Breakthroughs: Breakthroughs leading to the cures for both cancer and Alzheimer's disease might be discovered in 2024, Vanga predicted. 

Apart from her predictions for 2024, Vanga is said to have extended forecasts, envisioning the resurgence of communism in 2076, the potential for time travel by 2304, and the end of the world in the year 5079.

Disclaimer: This article relies on the predictions attributed to Baba Vanga and does not endorse any of these predictions, either in part or in full. India TV assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of the claims presented here; the information is provided solely for informational purposes.


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