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Navratri Day 7: Maha Saptami puja vidhi, shubh muhurat and more

Navratri Day 7: Maa Kalratri is worshipped on the seventh day of Navratri, which is falling on Saturday, October 21 this year. Scroll down to know the importance of the day, auspicious colour to wear today, puja timings and vidhi to seek blessings from the deity.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: October 21, 2023 6:49 IST
navratri day 7
Image Source : FILE PHOTO Navratri Day 7: Maa Kalaratri puja vidhi

The seventh day of Navratri is dedicated to Maa Kaalratri, the seventh form of Goddess Durga. She is the seventh incarnation of Maa Durga. She is also known as ‘Shubhankari'. Maa Kaalratri's name is derived from ‘Kaal' which means time and ‘Ratri' which stands for night. She is also known as ‘Kaali Maa'. For the 7th day of the Navratri festival, let us take a look at the importance of the day, puja vidhi, shubh muhurat, and other details.


Also known as 'Kaali Maa', the seventh incarnation of Maa Durga's 'Sawari' is a gadarbh – a donkey. Demonic entities, ghosts, evil spirits flee away by chanting her name. This is also the reason why she appears so dreadful. Her facade scares evil hence representing that Durga does not only mean benevolence and love but also the end of malevolence.

Puja Timings

The Saptami tithi began at 1:12 am on Saturday, October 21 and will end at 12:24 pm. The Brahma Muhurta, which is considered as the most favourable time commenced at 4:28 am and concluded at 5:18 am.

Godhuli Muhurta will remain from 17:33 pm to 17:58 pm. 

The Amrit Kalam will be between 15:15 pm to 16:48 pm. Nishita Muhurta will be between 23:26 pm to 00:16 am (October 22). Abhijit Muhurta, which is another auspicious period, will be between 11:28 am to 12:14 pm.

Maa Kalratri's favourite flower and What to wear today?

On the Day 7 of Naratri, one should wear grey-coloured outfits to worship Maa Kalratri. 

Mata Kaalratri is worshipped with a Krishna Kamal, also know as Passion flower. 

Puja Vidhi for the day

After taking a bath and wearing clean clothes, preferably white. Place the idol of Goddess Kalratri in the Puja area (mandir) and follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, apply chandan and kumkum to the Goddess. 
  2. Offer fresh flowers to the Goddess.
  3. Light a lamp with either ghee or oil.
  4. Offer fruits, sweets, or milk as prasad to the deity. 
  5. Chant mantras dedicated to Maa Kalratri.
  6. Perform aarti to Maa Kalratri and Maa Durga. 
  7. Lastly, distribute prasad to the family members. 

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