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Dear Tuesday, Stop Acting Like A Monday

Maintain a healthy and stress-free lifestyle with three best tips for seeking motivation to make sure that your each goes smoothly. Read on to find out!

Pavni Jain Pavni Jain
New Delhi Updated on: March 26, 2019 11:37 IST
Tuesday Motivation: Dear Tuesday, Stop Acting Like A Monday

Tuesday Motivation: Dear Tuesday, Stop Acting Like A Monday

Tuesdays can be as mundane as Mondays (or any other day for that matter!) if you don't seek the right motivation to get your day going!

Date: 26th March 2019; Day: Tuesday. Huff! So, that's the beginning of my day today. For me, be it any day of the week, it is basically just another regular day where I'm back to my office (sharp at 10:00 am), switching on my computer and getting to work.

I will be cribbing about not following my passion, not having a social life, and not achieving the majority of the things which I should have by now. A sudden realisation of thankfulness to my office pals for listening to all of that! Anyway, so yes, the lack of zestfulness in life at an age of, well, at a very young age! is what I need. Or maybe is what MOST of us require.

So the question is -how to seek motivation in life to actually get on the right track to stay focus without feeling Monday blues, or going through Mid-week crisis, or finding inspiration even on Friday noon?

While questing an answer to that question, simultaneously, I've decided to help my readers as well. Following is my compilation of the best tips for seeking inspiration on any day of your life! 

Professional Life

1. You really don't have to love your job. Liking it is enough because love is a strong emotion, thus, professional life should be a part of your life and not your life entirely. So, like your job, stick to honest work ethics, and maintain a healthy office lifestyle.

2. In case you dislike your job, look for a new one. Do the mind-mapping for the things you want to achieve in your life, plan your job search accordingly and act wisely on it. Chasing your dream job will give you something else to focus on instead of the job you’re not happy with. Remember -staying organised in your professional life as much as possible will help you to attract positivity.

Personal Life

1. Self-growth is the most important thing for any individual. So act like a ninja and master any one art of your choice. Basically, pursuing your hobbies will help you achieve peace of mind.

2. Strengthen your emotional health. Improve your love life, spend time with family, and hang out with your friends.

3. Practice more of what makes you feel happy. It can be listening to some instrumental music, going on an excursion, or taking a few adventurous activities. Following all these will help you to rejuvenate yourself!

So, practice these simple ways to find motivation in any day!

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