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Kokum to Cucumber: 5 Indian coolants to add your drinks this summer

Indian coolants have a long history of holding great health benefits and cooling properties which can be utilised in the summer. From basil leaves to Kokum fruit, try these 5 Indian coolants to add to your summer drinks recipe.

Written By : India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By : Muskan Gupta
New Delhi
Updated on: May 17, 2024 13:51 IST
Basil, Kokum, Sabja: Add these 5 Indian coolants to your next summer drink
Image Source : SOCIAL Basil, Kokum, Sabja: Add these 5 Indian coolants to your next summer drink

The season’s heat is bound to make you feel tired, drained, and dehydrated. From uses in Ayurvedic medicine to supplying various nutrients in the bloodstream, these Indian coolants have many benefits for the body. Here are 5 such coolants to make you feel refreshed and calm, making it a versatile and essential addition to your summer recipe book.


Kokum is a fruit that is rich in essential nutrients such as vitamin C, iron, potassium, iron and more. Best known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Kokum can reduce pain and swelling caused by physical problems such as arthritis, and the antioxidants contained in the fruit act as a shield from cellular damage and oxidative stress. It is a fruit that acts as more than just a coolant and is the essential ingredient of Goa’s infamous Kokum juice. 


Sabja (basil seeds) are not only a great source to add to a cooling drink but also offer vast health benefits. The seeds supply calcium, magnesium, and iron in high quantities to the body and improve bone health and muscle function, protect cellular damage from free radicals, and facilitate red blood cell production. Being an organic source of such nutrients, it is a great option for those who don’t eat meat or dairy products.

Gond Katira

Gond Katira is best known for the health benefits it provides for the digestive system, alongside its cooling and soothing properties. Furthermore, it is used to treat conditions like diarrhoea, constipation, and inflammation. Being a staple in Ayurvedic medicine, Gond Katira has a jelly-like structure that is stripped away of odour and taste. Such properties make it easy for it to be mixed and added to various kinds of summer drinks.

Mint leaves

The menthol present in mint creates a cooling effect in the body by interaction with skin and mouth receptors. Mint serves as a great source of Vitamin A and can significantly improve night vision, aid indigestion, and impact eye health positively. Furthermore, it is an incredibly easy ingredient to add to your diet, versatile, and suitable for all dishes and drinks.


Cucumber contains caffeic and ascorbic acid which gives them natural cooling properties. Additionally, it helps reduce skin irritation and protects cells from damage caused by free radicals. Other than being a coolant for drinks, it is also a common ingredient used in skincare.

Try using these coolants in your summer drinks for a refreshing escape from the heat!

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