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Want to avoid a heatstroke? Drink these 5 delicious healthy drinks this summer

In the blazing heat this summer, you are at risk of catching a heatstroke if you don't hydrate yourself regularly. However, hydration does not have to be boring. Try these 5 drinks containing both water and a variety of other nutrients to make your summer drinks menu interesting.

Written By : India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By : Kristina Das
New Delhi
Updated on: May 27, 2024 13:24 IST
Avoid a heatstroke with these 5 fun, delicious and healthy drinks this summer
Image Source : PEXELS Avoid a heatstroke with these 5 fun, delicious and healthy drinks this summer

As Delhi survives another scathing hot summer, it is important to be mindful of avoiding heatstroke and ensure you are staying hydrated. While drinking water is essential, hydration does not have to be a boring process. Check out 5 drinks which are both beneficial to prevent heatstroke and also offer something extra for the taste buds and overall health.

Coconut water

Rich in vitamins and minerals, coconut water holds a variety of properties which make it a great way to beat the heat. The drink contains energy, helps you stay hydrated during the summer heat and contains electrolytes. These electrolytes help in restoring the body’s regular hydration levels and can decrease the risk of excess fatigue and side effects of heatstroke if consumed regularly in the morning.


Lemonade is one of the most choice of beverages in the summer. Not only is it incredibly soothing to the tongue, but it also contains the benefits of Vitamin C. These benefits include protection from potential risks associated with diabetes, obesity and other health complications. Additionally, it contains flavonoids and can reduce inflammation in the body alongside being a cooling aid. Other benefits also include being a great aid in weight loss, digestive health and a source of energy.


Known as our beloved ‘chaach’ in Hindi, buttermilk is a drink that is obtained after churning butter from milk and then fermented. It is rich in calcium and contains lactose, lactic acid, water and casein. Such nutritional content helps in the strengthening of bones, prevents the growth of harmful bacteria, relieves acidity, helps regulate cholesterol and serves as a natural coolant. 

Mint water

Being a versatile ingredient, mint is used in a variety of drinks as it is a natural cooling ingredient. Coriander and mint contain cooling properties that help in reducing body heat. Additionally, it is great for the skin and stomach as it can flush out toxins from the body and is also known to boost overall immunity.

Sattu juice

Another Indian household favourite, Sattu is a natural source of good health. While protecting you from the heat, it is composed of various proteins and can help resolve digestive issues. It also helps regulate sugar, rich in iron, improves appetite and is a great drink to add to your diet to reap various health benefits.

Consider adding these drinks to your daily routine this summer to avoid heatstroke and reap multiple additional benefits for your skin and physical health.

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