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World Health Day 2024: Essential tips to protect your eyes from blue light emitted by screens

As we commemorate World Health Day 2024, let us reaffirm our commitment to prioritising the health of our eyes. By cultivating awareness, adopting preventive measures, and embracing a holistic approach to wellness, we can safeguard our vision for years to come.

Written By : Health Desk Edited By : Kristina Das
New Delhi
Published on: April 05, 2024 14:55 IST
World Health Day 2024
Image Source : FREEPIK Tips to protect your eyes from blue light emitted by screens.

World Health Day, observed annually on April 7th, serves as a poignant reminder of the critical importance of safeguarding our health. Among the myriad aspects of wellness deserving attention, eye health stands out as a vital yet often neglected domain. In an increasingly digital age, where screens dominate our daily lives, the health of our eyes is subjected to unprecedented challenges. From prolonged exposure to blue light emitted by electronic devices to the rise of digital eye strain, our ocular well-being is under constant assault.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light, a high-energy, short-wavelength light emitted by screens, has garnered considerable attention in recent years due to its potential to disrupt sleep patterns and cause eye strain. While the full extent of its long-term effects remains under scrutiny, experts advise adopting measures to mitigate its impact. According to Dr Ajay Sharma founder & CMD of Eye-Q Super-Speciality Eye Hospitals, one such precaution involves limiting screen time, particularly before bedtime, to allow our eyes to rest and recuperate.

Furthermore, advancements in technology have introduced innovative solutions to counteract the adverse effects of blue light. Specialised glasses and screen filters can effectively block or filter out blue light, reducing the strain on our eyes during extended screen use. Incorporating these tools into our daily routine can significantly alleviate discomfort and promote healthier visual habits.

However, blue light is just one facet of the multifaceted challenge facing eye health in the digital era. Digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome, encompasses a range of symptoms, including eye fatigue, dryness, and blurred vision, arising from prolonged screen exposure. The prevalence of this modern affliction underscores the urgent need for proactive measures to protect our eyes.

Tips for protecting eye health:

Simple yet impactful practices can make a world of difference in preserving ocular health amidst the relentless onslaught of digital stimuli. Implementing the 20-20-20 rule, which entails taking a 20-second break every 20 minutes to focus on an object 20 feet away, can alleviate strain and prevent discomfort. Additionally, adjusting screen brightness and contrast settings to optimal levels and maintaining proper posture while using digital devices can further mitigate the risk of eye strain.

Beyond the realm of technology, nurturing overall wellness is integral to maintaining healthy eyesight. A balanced diet rich in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins C and E, and zinc can bolster eye health and stave off age-related conditions such as macular degeneration and cataracts. Regular exercise and adequate hydration also contribute to optimal ocular function, underscoring the interconnectedness of holistic well-being.

Amidst the ceaseless march of technological progress, let us not lose sight of the precious gift of sight itself, cherishing it as an irreplaceable cornerstone of our well-being.

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