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Swami Ramdev shares benefits of Raktamoshana, Nasya and Vaman therapies of Panchakarma

Panchakarma is an ayurvedic therapy in which the harmful toxins in the body are released through various procedures. In a special segment on IndiaTV, Swami Ramdev shares the benefits of Raktamoshana, Nasya, and Vaman therapies which should be performed under the supervision of an expert.

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New Delhi Updated on: May 25, 2020 10:33 IST

There are many remedies mentioned in Ayurveda, which can keep your body healthy as well as your mind. One of these is 'Panchakarma' which is helpful in getting rid of many diseases. According to Ayurveda our body is made up of 5 elements earth, water, fire, sky, and air. When there are disturbances in the ratio of these 5 elements in the body, many diseases begin to occur. Those are stabilized again by Ayurveda. According to Swami Ramdev, with Panchakarma you can get rid of problems like joint pain, arthritis, stomach related diseases, sinus, migraine, BP, and diabetes. In a special segment, the yog guru shares every detail about the therapies of Panchakarma like Raktamokshana, Nasya, and Vaman along with its benefits. 

5 ways of Panchkarma:

1. Vaman- It removes toxins from the body by vomiting. The harmful toxins from the brain are also removed through this process. It makes your body fit, removes stress, increases immunity, relaxes the body, and improves digestion.

2. Virechan- It helps in removing toxins from a bowel movement.

3. Nasyakriya- It removes toxins from the brain by putting medicines in the form of oil or smoke through the nose. It helps people who are suffering from migraines.

4. Anuvasnavsati- It helps in gastric problems, treating arthritis, making the reproductive system healthy, and getting rid of old diseases.

5. Raktmokshan- The medicinal leech is put on the affected parts of your body which help in blood circulation and purifies the blood.

How is Raktamokshana done?

There are two ways in which harmful toxins and negative energy are released from the body:

  • In this activity, the waist is first cleaned with Ayurvedic oil. After this, a needle is cleaned and pierced in the waist so that holes are formed for bleeding. After that a dough is placed at that place on top of which the camphor is kept and lit. It turns off after the glass is kept over it due to evaporation action. In it steam helps in removing toxic blood and glass here acts as a vacuum. After a while of toxic blood, the glass and flour are slowly removed. With the help of cotton, apply the oil of mulethi so that the wounds are easily healed. After this, oil and cotton are applied continuously with tape.

  • In this activity, firstly, to clean the medicinal leech, we put turmeric in water. After this, to get rid of joint pain, it is applied in the knee, etc. Blood is purified through leeches. The leeches suck up the bad blood from the body after which we add turmeric to release it. The leach is then added to turmeric water and made to vomit so that toxic blood comes out of their body. By performing this action, you can get rid of joint pain, back pain, arthritis, etc.

How is Nasya done?

In this activity, the expellation of toxins from the head is done. For this, we first do facial massage. After that, close one nose and put 'adun' oil or any other oil from the other nose. Likewise, on the other hand. After this, ask the person to slowly pull in. After this action, fumigation is done. For this, turmeric smoke enters the nose with the help of cones. By doing this action, the problem of migraine, depression, cold, cold, and hair loss is relieved.

How is Vaman done?

In this activity, the toxins are removed from from the body through vomiting. For this, first of all, we give cow's milk. Then put a finger in the mouth and vomit. After this, mix the Madan fruit, Vacha Churna, Mulethi Neem, Khand, honey and rock salt together and make a thick paste. After this, the person consumes it, after reading a verse, is asked to consume the medicine. After this, drink a glass of milk. The person starts to vomit after which he is given the ayurvedic mulethi water to drink. To make this liquid, soak it at night and make it water in the morning.

Note- Never try to do Panchakarma at home. They can be harmful if not performed under the supervision of an expert.







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