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Should patients consume sugar or jaggery when cholesterol levels rise? Expert shares healthy option

There are usually only two options when it comes to sugar, jaggery and sugar. But what should you eat when your cholesterol levels rise, let's know directly from the doctor.

Written By: Kristina Das @https://twitter.com/KristinaDas2 New Delhi Published on: May 28, 2024 12:13 IST
Sugar or Jaggery
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Know what to eat if you have cholesterol.

The craving for sweets is inevitable, it can happen anytime in the morning or at midnight. When we feel like eating sweets, we do not see anything and without knowing any harm, we directly attack it. But if your bad cholesterol is high, should you eat sweets? If you are eating sweets, which should be consumed, sugar or jaggery, have you ever thought about this? Which option is better for patients with increased cholesterol or high cholesterol? Let us know about all these things in detail from Dr VD Tripathi, Senior Dietician of Arogya Health Center, Noida.

What to eat for cholesterol, sugar or jaggery?

Both sugar and jaggery are used to enhance sweetness and taste. But experts recommend eating jaggery instead of sugar. Although both are made from the same ingredients, making them is very different. While sugar is made by processing and refining, jaggery contains natural sugar. Dr VD Tripathi says, "Consuming too much sugar can be dangerous for your health; it gives rise to many diseases. On the other hand, if you consume jaggery in a balanced manner, then it will benefit you.

Disadvantages of eating sugar in high cholesterol

We all like the taste of sugar; eating it calms the mind and gives you instant energy. The sweetness present in sugar not only increases cholesterol but also causes many diseases. Excessive consumption of sugar increases the problem of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Consumption of sugar increases triglycerides in the body.

What else can you eat as a sweet when your cholesterol levels rise?

If your cholesterol is high and you feel like eating sweets, then instead of sugar, consume jaggery. The nutrients in jaggery help reduce cholesterol levels. Apart from these, you can also consume fruits like apples and pears for sweets.

Benefits of jaggery in high cholesterol

The nutrients present in jaggery do not allow cholesterol to increase and help in removing toxins from the body. Also, consuming it improves the digestive system. 

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