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Ramadan 2022: How to loose weight this festive season

In the month of Ramadan, after breaking fast people tend to overeat a lot, which results in weight gain. To manage your body weight during this festive season, one needs to put their mind at work as well. Follow these magic tips to avoid obesity or weight gain.

Written by: Health Desk New Delhi Updated on: April 13, 2022 16:25 IST
Weight managing tips

Weight managing tips


  • Take a small walk after having your meal
  • It is advised to have your meals in small portions
  • Try to eat your meals in a gap of 2 hours to avoid gaining weight

As the holy month of Ramadan is going on, people are observing fast from the sunrise to sunset to seek blessings from the almighty. As they break their fast after almost 12 hours, they tend to overeat sometimes during iftar, which results in weight gain. While many fitness-conscious people try to balance their body weight and avoid meals with extra calories, it is hard to stop oneself from gorging on delicacies after devoiding oneself of them for soo long. So, here are a few tips that can help you manage your weight in this sacred month. 

​Maintain a balanced diet

Try to make your diet more balanced. People have this problem of rush eating which results in overeating most of the times. One should keep in mind that the food they eat after fasting for the whole day should be rich in fiber, and protein, and have fewer carbs. Food with low calories helps in maintaining body weight.

​Break your meals into small portions

When you are breaking your fast, it is advised to have your meals in small portions. Eating a big meal after long hours of fasting leads to weight gain. If you cannot avoid calories and want to gorge on the delicious biryani and gravies, make sure you break your meal into small portions so that your body has time to break it down. Try to eat your meals in a gap of 2 hours to avoid the problem of weight gain. 

​Enjoy your food slowly

People try to eat their food in a rush after breaking their fast just to give their starving stomachs some relief. In all this process they forget that they are overeating as their mind does not give them the signal to stop. Eating your food slowly and swallowing only after having chewed the food properly helps the digestive system to break it down and not store it as fat.

​Limit sugar intake

We all know that sugar provides instant energy and boosts the body's sugar level. People who break their fast tend to have sugary meals or drinks to fulfill the body's sugar craving. But excess intake of sugar, that too almost after 12 hours of fasting, can only result in weight gain.

​Move a bit

It is advised to take a small walk after having your meal. Try to avoid the practice of sitting and relaxing after having meals. The food we eat needs to be digested, and for that, the calories need to be burned. So, try to avoid resting after any meal of the day and burn your extra calories by going on a small walk to manage your weight.


One's body needs at least 2-3 liters of water throughout the day, as you are cutting it during your fast, try to fulfil its requirement during non-fasting hours. 


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