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Pneumonia Outbreak: 6 Indian states on ALERT as china sees massive surge in respiratory infections

Mycoplasma pneumoniae is a common respiratory pathogen and a common cause of paediatric pneumonia, and is readily treated with antibiotics. "Chinese authorities advised that there has been no detection of any unusual or novel pathogens or unusual clinical presentations.

Surabhi Shaurya Written By: Surabhi Shaurya @SurabhiShaurya New Delhi Published on: November 29, 2023 12:29 IST
Pneumonia outbreak in China
Image Source : REPRESENTAIONAL IMAGE Pneumonia outbreak in China

Pneumonia outbreak in China: In response to a surge in pneumonia cases in China, health authorities in six Indian states are on high alert. The states of Rajasthan, Karnataka, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Haryana, and Tamil Nadu have activated their health infrastructure and issued directives to hospitals and healthcare personnel. These measures aim to ensure readiness to handle individuals presenting with respiratory issues. The heightened state of alert underscores the importance of proactive measures to address potential health challenges and protect the well-being of the population.

Pneumonia Outbreak: Check state-wise advisories

  1. Karnataka:  The Karnataka health department has issued an advisory urging citizens to be vigilant about the seasonal flu. The advisory outlines the symptoms and risk factors associated with seasonal flu, and it provides a set of guidelines for preventive measures. Among the recommended practices are covering the mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing, practicing frequent handwashing, refraining from touching the face, and wearing masks in crowded areas. These precautions are crucial in minimizing the risk of infection and promoting public health awareness during the flu season.
  2. Rajasthan: The advisory from the Rajasthan health department has assured that the current situation is not a cause for immediate concern. However, it emphasizes the importance of vigilance among medical staff to prevent the potential spread of infectious diseases. The advisory specifically calls for the implementation of adequate preparations in pediatric units and medicine departments to address any emerging health challenges effectively. This precautionary approach aims to ensure the readiness of healthcare facilities in the face of evolving circumstances.
  3. Chhattisgarh: Deputy Chief Minister TS Singhdeo has conveyed both the central government's response and the state's proactive decision to implement precautionary measures. Stressing the importance of preparedness, Singhdeo highlighted the evolving situation surrounding the unidentified illness affecting children in China. "For the past few days, there have been reports about the spread of respiratory diseases among children in China due to an unknown disease. While the Government of India advisory assures that it's not a cause for concern, as a precautionary measure, we have advised all units within the health department to implement necessary precautions," stated Singhdeo.
  4. Uttarakhand: Health officials in Uttarakhand have been asked to intensify surveillance efforts for cases of respiratory illnesses. The directive is particularly relevant to three districts in Uttarakhand—Chamoli, Uttarkashi, and Pithoragarh—that share borders with China. The heightened vigilance aims to proactively monitor and respond to any potential cases of respiratory illnesses, considering the geographical proximity to the affected regions and the need for early detection and preventive measures.
  5. Haryana: In Haryana, the health department has issued a directive emphasizing the immediate reporting of any instances of "clustering of unusual respiratory illness" in both public and private hospitals. This proactive measure is crucial for early detection and swift response to potential health concerns.
  6. Tamil Nadu: Similarly, in Tamil Nadu, government-run and private hospitals have received a parallel directive from the state health department. This directive is part of a comprehensive strategy to enhance preparedness, ensuring that healthcare institutions across the state remain vigilant and ready to address any emerging cases of respiratory illnesses promptly.

'Low Risk to India' 

Earlier last week, the Union Health Ministry underlined that it is "closely monitoring the reported outbreak of H9N2 cases and clusters of respiratory illness in children" in northern China. "There is low risk to India from both the avian influenza case reported from China as well as the clusters of respiratory illness," said a statement from the ministry. It added that the country is prepared for any exigencies that may emerge from the current influenza situation in China.

Doctors call for raising surveillance, hygiene measures 

Doctors, however, called for educating the public on preventive measures such as hand hygiene, and influenza vaccinations, while "maintaining composure”. "Unlike Covid, which predominantly affected adults, the new pneumonia outbreak in China raises concerns about a potential vulnerability in children. Given the limited information available, it is essential to prioritise preventive measures such as hand hygiene, influenza vaccinations, isolating affected children, and using face coverings," said Sachin Kumar, Senior Consultant, Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine, Sakra World Hospital.

"Various factors, including viral mutations or environmental conditions, can contribute to the new pneumonia outbreak in China. India should take proactive measures to protect children by enhancing surveillance, encouraging vaccination, and implementing public health awareness campaigns," added Anjali R Nath, Consultant Pulmonologist, at SPARSH Hospital.


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