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Fact Check: Viral claim of 30,000 Muslims attending Badaun murder case accused Sajid’s funeral turns false

A social media post claimed that 30,000 Muslims attended the funeral procession of Badaun murder case accused Sajid, however, in our investigation, the claim turned out to be false.

Ashesh Mallick Edited By: Ashesh Mallick @asheshmallick07 New Delhi Updated on: March 30, 2024 14:45 IST
India TV Fact Check
Image Source : INDIA TV India TV Fact Check

India TV Fact Check: Recently, a disturbing incident unfolded in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, where a man named Sajid brutally murdered two innocent individuals. Subsequently, Sajid met his demise in an encounter with the Uttar Pradesh Police. However, amidst the aftermath of this tragedy, a viral photo began circulating on the internet, claiming that over 30,000 Muslims attended Sajid's funeral. Our investigation has revealed that this claim is false, and the photo in question is nine years old.

The origins of the viral claim:

The viral content originated from a Facebook post by user Ashok Naiko on March 23, 2024, accompanied by the caption, "A signal is enough for the wise." The photo shared with this post is also a screenshot of another post, alleging that “30,000 Muslims attended Sajid's funeral during Ramadan after he brutally murdered a 6-year-old named Ahaan and a 13-year-old named Ayush, stabbing them a horrifying 23 times”. The post also contained other inflammatory remarks of a communal nature.

India Tv - Viral claim

Image Source : SOCIAL MEDIAViral claim

Investigative process:

India TV embarked on a thorough investigation to ascertain the authenticity of the viral claim. Initially, we scoured various news sources and images related to Sajid's funeral in Badaun but found no credible evidence to support the viral narrative. Subsequently, we conducted a reverse image search of the viral photo, leading us to its origin on Reddit. The photo had been shared on the platform nine years ago by a user named r/india, with the caption indicating that it depicted the funeral prayer (Namaz-e-janaza) for Yakub Memon.

India Tv - Screengrab

Image Source : REDDITScreengrab

Connecting the dots:

Further digging revealed that the viral photo indeed corresponded to the funeral of Yakub Memon, a convict in the Mumbai serial blasts case, as reported by Oneindia on July 31, 2015. The news article included a photo depicting a heavy police presence outside a building, prominently displaying a signboard for 'Nasir Restaurant.' Strikingly, this signboard perfectly matched the one seen in the viral photo.

India Tv - Screengrab

Image Source : ONEINDIA WEBSITEScreengrab


Our investigation conclusively debunks the viral claim alleging massive attendance at Sajid's funeral. The photo circulated in connection with this claim is, in fact, a 9-year-old image depicting the funeral of Yakub Memon. It's crucial to exercise caution and skepticism when encountering such sensationalised claims on social media, and always verify information from reliable sources before sharing or believing it.

India Tv - Screengrab

Image Source : SCREENGRABScreengrab

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