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Bigg Boss 12 October 12 Highlights: Deepak and Surbhi call Dipika fake

Housemates target Dipika Kakar. Surbhi Rana and Deepak Thakur even called the Bigg Boss 12 contestant Dipika fake.

Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: October 12, 2018 23:16 IST ]

Bigg Boss 12 contestant Karanvir Bohra

After the captaincy task, housemates announced the name of the contestants for the kaalkothri punishment tonight. In the series of video clips shared by the official Twitter handle of the Bigg Boss, it was shown that the wild card entry Surbhi Rana announce Karanvir Bohra's name for kaalkothri punishment. Meanwhile, a blame game task between the singles and the jodis was also shown in tonight's episode. Deepak Thakur was seen targeting Dipika Kakar and also blamed her of faking injury. Romil and Surbhi also targeted Dipika. Deepak accused Nehha of not taking stand. At the end of the task, Shivahish, saurabh and Srishty were send to the kaalkothri. 

Bigg Boss 12 October 12 Highlights :

9: 58 pm: Deepak blames Urvashi of not expressing herself and putting her point of view. Surbhi says Urvashi is playing very smart.  

9:45 pm: Deepak blames Dipika of acting diplomatic. Romil accuses Jasleen of not acting real. Deepak asks Jasleen to be honest. After the completion of the task, Deepak was awarded by the Bigg Boss. Deepak explains his point to Urvashi. Surbhi says Urvashi is a fake girl. 

9:30 pm: Surbhi announces Nehha, Jasleen and Urvashi's name for the task. Deepak announces Nehha's name. Saba and  Deepak accuse Nehha of playing weak. Surbhi accuses Urvashi for not taking an active part in any tasks and not showing her presence in the Bigg Boss tasks. Deepak asks Urvashi to express herself to others. Urvashi says she can't play fake. Saba, Deepak and Surbhi accuse Dipika of playing fake. Deepak also blames Dipika of faking her injury.    

9:20 pm: Surbhi and Karanvir indulge in a heated argument. Saba and Somi target Karanvir. Karanvir can be seen discussing a past incident with Deepak. Sreesanth and Anup call Dipika wrong. Karanvir, Dipika and Srishty blame the housemates of targeting them. She says we should also play smart with them. Dipika announces the instructions of the new task. 

9:15 pm: Dipika and Nehha change their votes and they both nominate Saurabh and Shivashish for the kaalkothri punishment. Romil nominates Karanvir. Karanvir starts arguing with Romil, Saba and Somi. Surbhi nominates Karanvir. Saba and Somi nominate Karanvir. Karanvir changes his vote. Srishty nominates Dipika. Surbhi announces Shivashish, Saurabh and Srishty's name for the kaalkothri punishment.  

9:05 pm: Bigg Boss asks the housemates to nominate the name of the contestants for the kaalkothri punishment. Karanvir announces Saba and Somi's name for kaalkothri. Nehha announces Srishty's name from singles and Saba and Somi's name from jodis. Dipika nominates Srishty's name for kaalkothri and Saba and Somi's name from jodis. Jasleen announces Srishty's name from singles and Saba, Somi from jodis. Shivashish nominates Deepak. Deepak nominates karanvir for kaalkothri. 

8:45 pm:

8:40 pm:

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