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Avatar 2 Box Office Prediction: James Cameron's film set for blistering start, aims Rs 40 crore on Day 1

The Avatar sequel, titled Avatar: The Way of Water, will release worldwide on December 16. In India, much like the other countries, the anticipation is huge.

Written By: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Updated on: December 15, 2022 17:34 IST
Avatar: The Way of Water
Image Source : INDIA TV Avatar: The Way of Water is all set to release on December 16

Avatar 2 Box Office Prediction: If there is one movie that has been in discussion for the longest time, it is the Avatar sequel, titled Avatar: The Way of Water. The most-awaited film of 2022 is finally set to hit the big screens on December 16 worldwide. In India, the Avatar name has an instant recall. In 2009 when Avatar was released it changed the way the audience saw movies. Over a decade later, visionary director James Cameron brings his fictional world to the audience one more time. The visit to Pandora will be different from the last outing and movie buffs and fans can't wait for a taste of what Cameron has to offer. Internationally, the film is set for a USD 550 million plus opening, which is a mammoth Rs 4,550 crore. But how is the film expected to perform at the India box office? Let's find out. 

Avatar 2 aims huge box office number in India on opening day  

The anticipation in India around Avatar 2 is as huge as it is in the international markets. The film is eyeing a huge box office opening here and may land up anywhere in the top 3 this year for the day one collection. Advance ticket bookings have backed the huge buzz around the Hollywood sequel. "The film is going to take a blistering start at the box office. My opinion is that the film will do business of Rs 40 crore on day 1 in all languages in India. It is a huge number and such a start will be very promising. However, the box office is very dynamic and how good the film is will dictate the final number," producer and film business expert Girish Johar said.   

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South India takes lead in Avatar 2 box office collection

South India will take the lead in Avatar 2's box office share in India. As per Box Office India, the movie will break major records in the South markets. Advance booking is excellent in the main centers of South (Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai) and even in smaller cities. Johar explained the reason behind this and said, "Traditionally, the business share for a big Hollywood release in South India is comparatively more than in the North markets. The release is happening in multiple languages -- Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada-- in the South and this is also a critical factor. All throughout India, public awareness of Avatar 2 is very good."

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Will 3-hour runtime affect film's business? 

Avatar 2 has a runtime of over 3 hours. Will it affect the box office prospects? "If the content is not good then a 60-90 minute movie looks very long. On the other hand, if it is good, even four hours feel less. So there will be no bearing of the runtime on the box office," Johar said. 

Is Avatar competing with Marvel movies?

Johar explained how Avatar vs Marvel debate is not valid for the audience. "The general viewers are not affected by whether it's a Marvel film or not. They want to know if the film is something new or not. What matters to them is whether it can deliver on expectations. If the story connects, the relatability factor rises automatically."

What is driving Avatar's popularity?

Avatar assures to be a visual extravaganza. But that is not the only factor driving its popularity across the world. It's the story, Johar said. "Relatability of the story matters the most. The makers have created an entirely different universe, Pandora. The scale and vision are huge. Whether a person is watching it in China, Japan, Middle East India, or anywhere else in the world, people will relate to the story. This is the most critical part. Visuals are secondary. If the story is unrelatable, then visuals won't matter. Visuals entice the audience but the story is paramount. Both go hand in hand," he added.  




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