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Manoj Tiwari's 5 most popular Bhojpuri songs; Bagalwali and Baby are on the list

Manoj Tiwari might be a heavyweight politician today but for Bhojpuri music fans he will always be their favourite singer first. Here top 5 Bhojpuri superhit songs of Manoj Tiwari. And yes, your favourite Rinkiya ke papa and Bagalwali jaan mareli - are on the list.

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New Delhi Updated on: January 16, 2020 18:12 IST
Manoj Tiwari

5 superhit Manoj Tiwari songs

Manoj Tiwari might be heavyweight politician now but he will always be their favourite singer for the Bhojpuri audiences. Tiwari rose to fame with a series of hits in the late nineties and early 2000s when the Bhojpuri music industry was going through a great change. While many of his hits captured fun elements and delivered groovy numbers to be played at functions and weddings, Manoj Tiwari also used his songs to addresses the problems of employment of VIP racism in his songs. So if in case you just know Tiwari songs after 'Rinkiya Ke Papa', here are 5 superhit Bhojpuri songs that made Manoj Tiwari the cult singer, actor he is.

(While we make this list, we know it's almost impossible to rank an artists work)

Bhojpuri superhit song: Rinkiya Ke Papa

This Manoj Tiwari hit became a viral meme in on social media however, this still remains one of the most loved Manoj Tiwari songs of all time.

Manoj Tiwari Bhojpuri superhit song: Bagal Wali Jaan Mareli

In the early 2000s, every wannabe lover loved this tale of a boy who falls in love with his neighbor. This song became immensely popular so much so that every wedding in the eastern UP and Bihar felt incomplete without it.

Bhojpuri hit song: International Litti Chokha

If you love Bihar's litti chokha, there's no way you could not like this song from Manoj Tiwari.

Bhojpuri chartbuster Goriya Chaand Ke Ajoriya

This melodious gem from Tiwari features him with Maine Pyar Kia actress Bhagyashree in the movie Deva.

Baby Beer Pee Ke

There's no way you haven't heard this song if you have been active on social media lately. If you haven't heard it, this is for you.

Saamne Wali Se Naina

Special Mentions

Naukri Na Milal

Just when you thought, Manoj Tiwari songs are only about fun, you have to listen to this song from  Manoj Tiwari that showed the problem of unemployment in the youth.

Bihar Ke Lala- Gangs of Wasseyur

One of the very few times Manoj stepped in Bollywood music, he delivered this superhit 'Bihari anthem' from Gangs of Wasseypur.

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