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Spanish woman's rapist in Mumbai is a Spiderman burglar: police

India TV News Desk [Published on:07 Nov 2012, 11:26 PM]
Indiatv News
Mumbai, Nov 7: Anwar Ali Ansari aka Badhshah Shah, the man who has been charged of raping a Spanish woman inside her flat in Bandra, is a notorious Spiderman burglar, police said today.


Ansari is adept at climbing highrise buildings like a Spiderman without anybody's help. He has targeted actors, politicians and female foreigners for the last four years, police said.
This Spiderman burglar  looted a Chinese woman in 2008 and tried to rape her. He was then arrested, but later he was released on bail.
On November 5 early morning, Ansari climbed up to the apartment of the Spanish lady and after robbing her, he raped her. The victim has identified the accused's photograph.
The identification parade is yet to take place, said D M Dattatreya, investigating officer of Bandra police station.
According to Vishwas Nagre-Patil, additional police commissioner, Badshah had climbed up the drainwater pipe up the third floor, and entered the flat through a window, which had no grill.
While he was stealing valuables inside the apartment, the victim suddenly woke up and found a youth walking around with a cloth over his face and a knife in his hand, police said.
The victim was nonplussed, and the burglar threatened to kill her if she screamed. At the point of knife, he raped the lady. The victim ran outside her flat and knocked at the neighbour's door, but unfortunately there was nobody inside the neighbour's flat, police said.
The rapist dragged her again inside the flat, says Nagre Patil.
After raping her, Badshah took a cigarette from the victim and smoke. He was careful to take the  cigarette stub with him. He also took away the victim's clothes which she was wearing at the time of rape, police said.
The rapist ordered the victim to go into the washroom and take a bath, so that all evidences of rape would be removed. But the victim locked herself inside and began screaming, police said.
The rapist jumped out of the window and escaped. He took away the victim's clothes and the cigarette stub. While jumping out, he injured his hand, says Nagre Patil.
Ansari, who stays in Reay Road has more than 30 cases filed against him. In 2008, he looted a Chinese woman and tried to rape her. In 2011, he stole valuables from the house of Congress minister Rohidas Patil in Worli, and was again arrested. Every time, he managed to get bail.
On October 27, 2011, he stole valuables from the house of actor Dino Morea in Bandra, and was again arrested, police said.
Though police is yet to seize the Spanish victim's clothes and the rapist's knife, it is banking on his footprints, the victim's statement, identification parade, the rapist's phone call records, and the injuries on his hand as circumstantial evidences to prove his guilt.

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