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American dad breastfeeding his newly-born baby is all over the Internet

This Wisconsin man took up the responsibility to feed the little girl

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New Delhi Published on: July 05, 2018 13:31 IST
Image Source : INSTAGRAM

American dad breastfeeds new born baby girl

Maxamillian Neubauer is a resident of the US State Wisconsin. When his wife couldn’t breastfeed their newly born baby girl, Max took up the responsibility and managed to give his daughter the best care she needed. Wife April Neubauer had to go under emergency C-section. This pregnancy complication sure saved both the mother and daughter’s lives, but marred April from breastfeeding her girl. The emergency C-Section led to some post-op complications and given her PCOD and multiple seizures at the time of surgery, it was only dangerous if she fed the baby skin-to-skin. But skin-to-skin feeding was the baby’s priary need at the time. Hence, doctors came up with a solution of feeding her with a fake nipple. This is when Max stepped up and volunteered to do the job himself.

He expressed his joy over getting to serve his baby when she needed it the most, over a facebook post. Check it out!

However this picture and Maxamillian’s gesture receieved immense love and support from most people on social media, there were certain people who did not understand it and were critical of Maxamillian. But this did not stop the ‘super-dad’ to stop taking care of his daughter.

His wife soon took over the breastfeeding and he posted the picture on Facebook, in an attempt to ‘normalise breastfeeding’.

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