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Hyundai Motor plans Rs 300 crore IPO to expand market share

The automaker aims to leverage the IPO to bolster its foothold in a market where it has thrived for over 25 years.

Edited By: Akshit Tyagi New Delhi Published on: February 15, 2024 13:00 IST
Hyundai Exter
Image Source : HYUNDAI MOTORS Hyundai Exter

Hyundai Motor's planned $3 billion IPO in India serves a dual purpose: expanding its presence in one of the world's fastest-growing markets and addressing the "Korea discount" that impacts its valuation in its home country.

As India's second-largest carmaker, Hyundai aims to leverage this IPO, potentially the country's largest ever, to bolster its foothold in a market where it has thrived for over 25 years. With a substantial market share and a reputation for offering affordable cars, Hyundai sees India as a critical market for its growth trajectory.

By listing in India, Hyundai aims to reduce its reliance on its South Korean parent company for funding, granting it more autonomy to pursue its growth initiatives and compete effectively against local rivals like Tata.

This move not only diversifies its funding sources but also underscores Hyundai's commitment to charting its own course in a market that constitutes a significant portion of global sales.

The IPO proceeds are earmarked primarily for launching electric vehicles (EVs), establishing charging infrastructure, and setting up a battery facility in India.

This strategic allocation reflects Hyundai's anticipation of the growing demand for EVs in the Indian market and its intention to position itself as a leader in this segment. Additionally, the funds will support the expansion of Hyundai's manufacturing capacity in India, aligning with its long-term growth objectives.

Although Hyundai has not officially confirmed the IPO plans, industry analysts view this move as a strategic response to India's burgeoning stock market and an opportunity to address the valuation gap faced by South Korean companies compared to their global counterparts.

The proposed valuation of $30 billion for the India unit IPO represents a significant portion of its Korea-listed parent's market capitalization, potentially elevating its overall valuation and mitigating the "Korea discount" perception.

While some analysts caution that resolving the "Korea discount" may not be straightforward, listing in India could enhance Hyundai's local brand image and attract investors' attention to its performance in the Indian market.

Ultimately, the IPO underscores Hyundai's strategic vision to tap into India's growth potential, strengthen its financial position, and position itself for sustained success in the dynamic automotive industry landscape.

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