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How Can Women Entrepreneurs Overcome Obstacles?

As per the sixth economic census released by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, there are about 8.05 million women entrepreneurs out of 58.5 million total entrepreneurs in India.

Written by: India TV News Desk New Delhi Updated on: February 11, 2019 9:52 IST
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India has witnessed a cosmic rise in the number of women entering the economic wave.  As per the sixth economic census released by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, there are about 8.05 million women entrepreneurs out of 58.5 million total entrepreneurs in India.

While this signals a positive change, the entrepreneurship landscape for Indian women continues to be plagued with multiple obstacles which dent their resolve, erode their confidence and undermine their competitive and enterprising spirit. However, there exists a few magical ways in which women entrepreneurs can overcome obstacles and make a mark in the male-dominated business world.

Think like a Businesswoman

To thrive in the corporate world, you should be able to chart out effective business strategies, make quick and well-informed decisions and spot business-apt lies. Ask yourself questions that directly address your ability to earn revenue- How do I find new customers? How I get new partners? Who I am competing against? How do I build the unique selling position of my product? What should I do to expand my business?

The answers to these questions won’t come easy to you but once you have them, they will help you strategise better and face bitter challenges with relative ease. Even so when the fact that a woman has to work twice as hard to elicit a ‘yes’ for advertising, attracting investment, and selling is well-established and widely accepted in India.

Support Other Women Entrepreneurs

It is said learning multiplies when shared. When you develop a support system wherein women support each other through mentoring and partnering, you actually contribute to your own growth by gaining alternative perspectives, business insights, motivational boost and networking opportunities. You have to learn and preach that it is okay to not know everything and that failure is not the opposite of success, it is actually a part of it.

Build Market Position

Innovative and driven individuals are recognised and appreciated by business peers, which certainly contributes to their success in the longer run. Nurture a unique position in the market with your personal involvement in all business matters.

As a woman, you are likely to encounter more professional challenges in India and your thought processes may be vastly distinct in comparison to your male counterparts. To build credibility, learn to communicate effectively, take note of the minutest details, leave no scope for mistakes and ensure you work well ahead of your deadlines.

Stay Persistent and Positive

You must sound twice as convincing in your dealings and demeanour in the male-dominated business world. Be disciplined and try to instil discipline in your employees, contacts and associates as well. Do not lose sight of your goals, no matter how difficult the challenge. Also remember, perseverance and dedication is the key to thrive in the entrepreneurship landscape!

Gain Recognition through Women Entrepreneur Awards

Bank and micro-credit institutions in India consider women less-credit worthy owing to lack of collateral. Winning women entrepreneur awards can help you build credibility and gain national and recognition which can boost your credit-worthiness manifold. Awards can also empower you through instilling a sense of pride on your cherished feats and by providing confidence and motivation to do even better. Additionally, your success story can inspire young and aspiring entrepreneurs to not get bogged down by failures and to strive relentlessly towards their goal. 

If you are a women entrepreneur operating in Punjab, Chandigarh or Haryana, then you can apply for Advaita Women Entrepreneur Awards.  

Advaita- Women Entrepreneur Awards aim to honour women entrepreneurs in recognition of their entrepreneurial skills and contribution to nation's growth. These awards are organised in different states across the length and breadth of the country to salute the self-belief and resilience of women entrepreneurs and help them seize opportunities in the male-dominated Indian corporate landscape. Currently, nominations are open for the states of Punjab, Chandigarh and Haryana.

It is said that ‘women hold up half the sky” and by inculcating these mantras in your work-life, you can contribute towards creating a world where empowered women hold up their share of the sky!


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