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Samsung set to upgrade SmartThings to support Matter in October- Know more

Samsung received its certification a week after the launch of Matter, as per Jaeyeon Jung, Samsung's Corporate Vice President and head of SmartThings for the mobile experience business. The certification has been granted for the hubs.

IANS Reported By: IANS Noida Published on: October 15, 2022 18:22 IST

Samsung has received Matter certification for a fully integrated household. The company will upgrade its SmartThings hubs to accommodate the new open-source smart home technology this month.

The company confirms that the hubs won't connect Zigbee and Z-Wave devices to Matter devices, reports The Verge.

The company received its certification a week after Matter launched, according to Jaeyeon Jung, Samsung's corporate vice president and head of SmartThings' mobile experience business.

Samsung was one of the first to obtain a certification, according to Michelle Mindala-Freeman of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, which is in charge of Matter.

According to the company, the certification has only been granted for the hubs and a date for certification of the dongles has not yet been set.

The matter lays the groundwork for full home device connectivity. The company is dedicated to Matter integration and claims to achieve the vision of a totally integrated home.

Samsung and Google collaborate closely to provide multi-admin capabilities that reduce manual management and increase accessibility for Google Home and Nest Hub, with the goal of making life easier and more seamless for both consumers and device manufacturers.

"This ease of use across Samsung and Google is just the start, and we're looking forward to delivering a more seamless, delightful home experience", said Matthew McCullough from Google.


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