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Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses introduces Multimodal AI: All you need to know

With the introduction of multimodal AI capabilities, the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses offer an enhanced user experience and greater utility for everyday tasks. As Meta continues to innovate, users can expect further advancements and improvements in smart eyewear technology.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: April 24, 2024 19:16 IST
Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses
Image Source : RAY-BAN Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Ray-Ban Meta which is its latest iteration of the Ray-Ban smart glasses has equipped the glasses with advanced multimodal artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. As per the information, the upgrade has been said to be a significant enhancement over its predecessor, Ray-Ban Stories, which was launched last year- in September 2023. 

The update which started rolling out on Tuesday for users in the US and Canada will bring significant new features and will further function to the smart eyewear.

Enhanced AI capabilities with Meta AI

Meta, a company led by Mark Zuckerberg is behind the smart glasses technology and has further announced the integration of Meta AI with multimodal capabilities. This advanced AI could be identified as the object for capturing through the glasses' camera. It will be capable of offering real-time information and assistance to the users. 

Users could be initiated with a command by saying, "Hey Meta," to activate the functionality of the glasses and interact with Meta AI. Although it is still unclear if the Meta AI has been powered by Llama 3, the company has hinted at introducing the latest model soon with upgraded capabilities.

Availability and functionality

AI-featured smart glasses from Ray-Ban were originally tested in December 2023 with a limited set of users. Although there is no specific timeline for when users in countries, other than Canada and the US will receive the AI update in the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, Meta claims that the AI could be tested by simply saying "Hey Meta". 

What else? New features and frame styles

It is further stated that the AI enhancements in the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses will further have support for video calling with the help of the Meta app. The new incorporated feature will enable the users to engage in video calls while providing the other party with a first-person view. 

Also, with the upgraded software, Meta has introduced new frame styles for the smart glasses, which will include the Skyler frame and the Headliner low bridge fit frame- which will offer the users more options to suit their preferences.

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