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Google Pixel Fold expected to launch in 2023- All you need to know

It has been stated that Google is expected to launch the new foldable Pixel device by next year, which features a 5.78-inch outer display and a 7.57-inch inner wide display and will run on a Qualcomm chipset. The upcoming device might be named either Pixel Fold or Pixel Notepad, as per the sources.

Saumya Nigam Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Published on: October 09, 2022 14:45 IST
Image Source : FREEPIK Foldable Smartphone

Google Pixel is expected to launch the Fold smartphone in the global market by 2023. The company is expected to launch the foldable pixel by the first quarter of 2023. The foldable Pixel device has been tipped online for the upcoming launch, ahead of the debut of Google's purported Pixel-branded foldable phone. 

The news surfaced post the Pixel 7 series was launched in the global market, earlier this week, along with the first smartwatch- The Pixel Watch. Though tech enthusiasts were expecting to have a look at Google's upcoming foldable smartphone at the ‘Made by Google' launch event, the company stated to have delayed the launch of this upcoming foldable device. It has been further reported that the launch of this foldable smartphone was delayed earlier this year. 

According to Ross Young, CEO of the Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), the first Pixel foldable smartphone is expected to arrive by Q1 2023. Through a Tweet, the tipster claimed that the company has started to receive the panel shipments for the foldable devices by January, next year.

In the previous reports, it was suggested that Google was working on two foldable smartphones which were in the prototype. In recent times, a developer spotted the mention of a foldable smartphone codenamed 'Felix', mentioned in Google's Android 13 Quarterly Platform Release 1 (QPR1) beta.

Expected features of the upcoming Pixel Foldable Smartphone

It has been tipped and expected that the upcoming foldable device will feature a triple rear shooter with IMX787 primary sensor, an IMX386 ultra-wide secondary camera, and an S5K3J1 telephoto shooter. The outer display of the device will get an S5k3J1 telephoto selfie shooter as well. The device is likely to feature a 5.78-inch outer folded display with an ultra-thin glass cover and a 7.57-inch inner display.

Earlier in 2022, a foldable smartphone from Google which was codenamed 'Pipit' surfaced too and the developer further claimed that the Tensor chips will be featured in this model which is outdated now.

We expect that the upcoming Google foldable smartphone might be named Pixel Fold or Pixel Notepad- but we cannot assure you this by the time of writing. On the manufacturing front, the new devices are expected to be manufactured by Foxconn China. 

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